How To: Link Your Fandor Account to Your Roku

Fandor and Roku

Are you tired of having to watch Fandor from your computer? Ready to move to the big screen? Fandor has you covered with our Roku channel! Watch thousands of films from your own at-home theatre on any Roku device. This post was written by our Customer Service Supervisor extraordinaire Nick Kosma. 

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Your Next Fandor Indie Filmmaker FIX is In!

Fandor FIX Round 2 Filmmakers

We recently launched the exciting new Fandor FIX initiative focusing on the independent filmmakers we love, and every few weeks will be introducing new FIX members. Take a look at our second crop of dynamic and diverse creators!
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The Rules of the Game: Fandor’s response to the FCC’s NPRM on Open Internet


The following are Fandor’s comments to the  FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rule Making on the “Open Internet”.  You can see more at the FCC’s website. Learn more about how infrastructure affects creativity at the final Reinvent Hollywood Roundtable on The Rules of the Game, live at 11:00am PT on Tuesday, August 5th. 
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Fandor’s Newest Infographic: Let’s Talk About Sex (and the Cinema), Baby

Sex and the Cinema

Our newest infographic, SEX AND THE CINEMA, is a survey of the way sexuality and film have co-existed in complex, compelling ways since the dawn of the form itself. Spoiler alert: it’s one steamy history!

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The Fandor|Festival Alliance: Partnerships in the Service of Independent Film

Fandor|Festival Alliance Map

Fandor is well on the way to forming a national network of film festivals to partner with us in the Fandor | Festival Alliance!

Fandor has always provided a home to indie films (both features and shorts) after they have made their rounds on the film festival circuit, making sure that they continue to reach audiences around the U.S. and Canada. Now, we’ve taken that a step further with the Fandor | Festival Alliance!

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Get Your Indie Film FIX with Fandor’s New Filmmaker-Based Initiative!

Fandor FIX

Here at Fandor, it’s no secret that we love filmmakers! Now, we’re creating an apparatus to truly support their careers and their relationships with their audience.  

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Indie Films, Bechdel and Beyond: An Update

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 2.31.02 PM

In May, Fandor began a new initiative to classify and filter the films in our library that passed the Bechdel Test. This test, for the non-initiated, is a pass-fail exam for film and other media that evaluates the quality and depth of female characters portrayed, using the following three questions:
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