Featured Release 8/16/2013 – Meanwhile directed by Hal Hartley

Meanwhile directed by Hal HartleyEach week, Fandor’s curators serve up a newly available film worthy of special attention. Our inaugural Featured Release is Hal Hartley’s Meanwhile.

“[A] perfect little breeze of smart, funny, tender, minor-key cinematic uplift that never strains itself or wears out its welcome.” – Christopher McQuain, DVD Talk

Hal Hartley’s latest film, the independent dramedy Meanwhile, is available beginning today on Fandor. A mainstay of American independent filmmaking since the mid 1980s, Hartley has gained a loyal following over the years for his special blend of eccentric characters, unusual dialogue and deadpan humor. Meanwhile follows a day in the life of Joe Fulton, a gregarious everyman, as he journeys through New York City encountering an assortment of troubled citizens and unforeseen obstacles. You can view the trailer for Meanwhile HERE.

For more on Meanwhile and the rest of Hal Hartley’s oeuvre, check out these feature articles on Keyframe:
Meanwhile, Hal Hartley’s Been Busy (August 16, 2013)
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Going Global: Hal Hartley Interviewed (March 31, 2010)

Meanwhile directed by Hal Hartley

Additional Viewing:

The Book of Life (1998) directed by Hal Hartley

The Book of Life directed by Hal HartleySurviving Desire (1991) directed by Hal Hartley

Surviving Desire directed by Hal Hartley

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