SXSW 2014: The Key to Making Money With Digital Discovery

Fandor at SXSW: The Key to Making Money With Digital DiscoveryHow can I make money from my movie? It’s the age-old question for many independent filmmakers. We think we’ve found the answer.

Filmmakers: meet data. We have a feeling you’ll get along swimmingly.

Fandor is organizing a potential panel at South by Southwest next March focused on how filmmakers can leverage digital discovery tools on the Internet to make more money from their movies. They key to profitability is discoverability – that’s a word we just came up with to describe the degree to which potential viewers are able to locate your film, whether through search, “discovery tools” or recommendation engines, for example.

Our proposed panel brings together industry leaders in film distribution, digital strategy and data management to discuss ways to merge filmmaking, social media, and technology to increase the audience for your films. Filmmakers will come away with new ways to think about marketing their films, what tools are at their disposal and what questions they should ask before signing a distribution deal.

But, to get on the official SXSW program, we need your vote! Head over to the SXSW Panel Picker and log in (all you need is an email address!) to vote.

Hannah Eaves – Digital Strategist
Jonathan Marlow – Chief Content Officer, Fandor
Brian Newman – Founder, Sub-Genre Media
Patrick Tufts – Recommendation Engine Expert

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