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Vice President of Product Albert Reinhardt shares some tips for getting the most out of movie recommendations on Fandor.

We’ve just unveiled a new feature to make your life better – at least the part of your life concerned with a satisfying movie watching experience (which, knowing our members, is probably a pretty substantial part).

Fandor uses a combination of collaborative and editorial indicators to surface a custom selection of recommended films on your homepage when you log in. While they all may be great films, we understand that some of them might just not be for you.

Now you can let us know when a recommended film is not your cup of tea. You may have noticed in the lower-right hand corner of each film panel on the homepage there is a ‘Not Interested’ button. When you click this button, we know not to recommend the film to you again in the future. You also provide us with information that helps us refine future recommendations, much like we already do after you watch, queue or rate a film.

Recommended Films

So, when you log in, scan the homepage to see if any of the films we recommend don’t strike your fancy. Click the ‘Not Interested’ button when appropriate  (don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings!)

Recommended Films

If you happen to click ‘Not Interested’ by accident, fear not, simply click the resulting ‘Film will no longer be recommended’ message to reverse the removal of the film from your custom recommendations. (Note: make sure to do this before you refresh the page!)

Once you have removed any films you’re not interested in, the next time your page is visited or refreshed those films will be replaced with new recommendations.

Recommended Films

Here are a few key points to keep in mind to ensure that movie recommendations you receive on Fandor are relevant to your tastes:

  • Take the survey. When you first subscribed to Fandor, you should have been asked for your film preferences. If you skipped this step, you can always revisit it by clicking on the ‘Customize Recommendations’ button on the homepage once you’ve logged in. Answer the brief questionnaire to help us zero in on films you’ll like.
  • Watch lots of movies. Really, the more you watch – and the more you watch films you enjoy all the way through – tells us a lot.
  • Queue movies. If something look interesting, add it to your queue. You’ll be able to find it easily later and it lets us know you might be interested in related films.
  • Rate movies! I can’t stress this enough. Tell the world what you think. It helps other users and it helps us know ‘mathematically’ how you feel.
  • Tell us if you’re not interested. Click ‘Not Interested’ to tip us off to films that aren’t a good fit for you. We’ll take your feedback and use it to make more informed recommendations in the future.

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