What Kind of Movie Lover Are You?

What Does a Fandor Movement Look Like?

How do you like your movies: straight up or with a twist? Perhaps you fall into one – or several – of these four categories of film enthusiasts. By Fandor CMO Robin Harper.

Who, exactly, are “film enthusiasts”? What makes them tick and what gets them excited? Where does their love of film come from and what inspires them to explore cinematic works across genres, countries and time periods? These are questions we’re constantly thinking about at Fandor.

We pride ourselves on offering thoughtfully crafted story-driven films and inspiring works that celebrate the art of cinema. As we continue to add new films to our library and develop discovery and curation features, we strive to give movie lovers what they crave. With this in mind, we decided to conduct a little research project to help us get a better grasp on what constitutes a “film enthusiast.” Along the way, we discovered that film lovers are as diverse as they are passionate.

The Project
We embarked on dozens of conversations with the help of a team of expert interviewers from Insitum Research. Our goal was to gain a better understanding of film enthusiasts and their interests, motivations and preferences for movie viewing. We talked with industry experts, Fandor employees, festival-goers, and film lovers we met online. Some of the individuals in this last group were Fandor members and many were not.

The Personas
Taking a closer look at the responses with received, we began to see some patterns materialize and four archetypes, or personas, emerged. We also found that few people fit squarely into a single archetype; many share characteristics from different personas. Perhaps you will see shades of yourself in one or more of these types of film enthusiasts.

Persona The Detective

The Detective
Some people delight in the hunt. A director’s early work, a new and emerging talent, or a sub-genre from a small country in Europe are just a few rabbit holes for the cinephile known as The Detective. This individual has a thirst for movie knowledge and enjoys the search for more. Detectives usually come to Fandor with something very specific in mind and we love to help them find it.

Persona: The Explorer

The Explorer
We all know someone who loves a great story, whether it might be fiction or non-fiction. The Explorer is delighted by narrative films and documentaries that inform or expand their worldview. This movie fan is not only willing but eager to try new things as they seek out a variety and diversity of experiences. Spotlight, a bi-weekly showcase of films united around a topic or event, is a Fandor feature tailor-made for Explorers.

Persona: The Performer

The Performer
Occasionally the world of film can feel challenging to navigate. Independent film, in particular, fragments into hundreds of genres and sub-genres from around the globe and spans a hundred year history. A Performer is eager to know more about the world of film and to learn from others, seeking out recommendation from film buffs they trust. You will likely find Performers at festivals or social gatherings where they soak up expert opinions. Fandor’s Journey into Film is a feature connecting film experts with Performers (and others) seeking to learn more about how different filmmakers approach a common theme.

Persona: The Couch Potato

The Couch Potato
You may think of a Couch Potato as a negative term, but our fourth persona is not someone unable to get up from watching TV. These film fans love movies that provide an escape into a well-known and favorite movie genre. Whether it’s cult-horror, film noir or another well-defined niche in the film world, a Couch Potato will often use social media to connect with others who also celebrate this film experience. For the Couch Potatoes among us, Fandor offers over 400 genres and sub-genres to get lost in.

So, what type of movie lover are you? Do any of these personas sound familiar or do you break the mold? How do you decide on which movies to watch and where do you find them? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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