Featured Release 10/18/2013 – Dear Pillow directed by Bryan Poyser

Dear Pillow directed by Bryan Poyser

Every Friday, Fandor’s curators serve up a newly available film worthy of special attention. This week’s Featured Release is Dear Pillow directed by Bryan Poyser.

“An 85-minute tribute to erotic confusion […] both fascinated by and hostile to the absurdities of our culture’s Puritanism…” – Josh Rosenblatt, The Austin Chronicle

A winner of several festival awards, Dear Pillow is an engaging and honest look at the awkward transition from child to adult and the complexities of modern-day sexual mores. Bryan Poyser’s sex-tinged coming of age indie centers on 17-year old loner Wes and his budding friendship with his neighbor, Dusty, who writes for an adult magazine called “Dear Pillow.” The film is now available exclusively on Fandor; you can learn more about Dear Pillow and watch the trailer here.

We also recommend you check out this article about Dear Pillow on Keyframe:
Poyser’s Pillow Talk (October 18, 2013)

Dear Pillow directed by Bryan Poyser

Additional Viewing:

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The Fickle directed Bryan Poyser

Beeswax (2009) directed by Andrew Bujalski

Beeswax directed Andrew Bujalski

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