Movies for your living room. Or the subway.

Fandor on Android and Sony

Fandor debuts on Android and Sony just in time for the holidays.

For all you Android and Sony loyalists out there, we have some exciting news: now you can watch Fandor on a variety of new platforms!

Beginning this week, Fandor can be accessed via the Sony Home Entertainment Network on enabled Blu-ray players and Home Theatre devices (visit this link for more details) and our Android app can be downloaded through Google Play and enjoyed on Android supported phones and tablets.

Android app on Google Play

Everyone has a preferred way of watching movies. Every viewing platform and device has its own idiosyncrasies and quirks. But TV’s and phones actually have something in common: both have computers embedded inside but are inherently different from your laptop. They have limitations in the perceived or actual screen resolution (your phone is small and your TV is on the other side of the room). They also have constrained input; you use a remote with limited functionality to control the TV while phones employs taps and swipes but not the hover tips and other paradigms seen on websites.

Stream and watch movies on your Sony Blu-ray player

Rate, preview and watch films on your Sony Blu-ray player

So, how do you deliver a great discovery experience on devices with limited capabilities? It’s all about crafting the best interface for the device in question. We feel that the most important product features are those that make it as easy as possible for our members to access relevant content. When members use our new Sony channel and Android app, they will be able to view recommendations, access their queue and see a list of their watched films all from the home screen. On Sony, where page transitions can take longer, relevant info is automatically displayed for selected content. On Android, where space is at a premium but page transitions are faster, users can highlight a film and quickly click through to get full details.

Easy access to your queue and personalized recommendations

It’s personal: tailored recommendations and member queue on the Sony home screen

Easy access to relevant  movies on the Android home screen

Easily access the movies you want on Android

Members can also find films by browsing by genre and country, of course. But rather than just display them alphabetically, we deliver featured films, recommended titles, popular picks and newly added movies first for any given category. We also make our curated collections easy to find. On Android, we have our popular Spotlight collections. Sony also makes our Journeys into Film and Festival listings available to members.

We’re excited to add Sony and Android into the mix—they fit into our device eco-system well with Roku, and iOS. Each of these devices are unique but provide an amazing viewing experience. Expect to see more developments in the future.

As always, we encourage you to let us know how we’re doing. Leave us a comment in our UserVoice forum or, if you’re experiencing a technical issue, visit our support center. You can also reach our customer service team at Whatever device you end up watching Fandor on, we want to make sure you have a great experience. Happy viewing!

Journey into Film - only on Fandor

Discover amazing films in Fandor curated Journeys on Sony devices

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