Mission: Movies

Ted Hope, Fandor CEO

Ted Hope brings his message of change and innovation in the indie film community to Fandor

Ted Hope has a made a name for himself as one of the most successful independent film producers of the last few decades, responsible for a slew of noteworthy films like The Ice Storm, 21 Grams and Martha Marcy May Marlene, to name just a few (visit his imdb page for his entire filmography – it’s quite impressive). Indie film is in his DNA, so it’s only natural that he’s established himself as a leading advocate for the art of making films and the artists who pour their heart, soul and livelihood into the movies we love and, frankly, need.

Anyone familiar with Ted is also aware that he’s a prolific blogger, regularly offering up news and views on his popular site Hope for Film. On his blog, he preaches the gospel of a healthy and equitable independent film industry, where filmmakers are properly recognized and compensated for their work. It’s just one way he’s helping fight the good fight for filmmakers and artists everywhere.

Earlier today, Ted sounded off on his new gig as Fandor CEO and how it fits into his mission to bring order to the “chaos out there for artists, audiences, distributors, and all their supporters.” Check out his post Mission Check: My Next Step is Announced for Ted’s thoughts on his latest endeavor and why there’s reason to be optimistic for the future of independent film.

3 thoughts on “Mission: Movies

  1. I just now subscribed to this site, because of Ted Hope’s arrival. I had been wanting to subscribe to a curated site, and his involvement in this one makes me think it must be a good one (quality selection, etc.). Excited to be exposed to good films I might not have discovered otherwise!

    • Welcome to Fandor Courtney! We’re excited to have you as a new member. We hope you’re enjoying our selection of films and have already found a new favorite or two. Stay tuned for big things in 2014 – we have a lot of cool new features in the works and we’re always acquiring amazing films for our members to enjoy. Oh, and If you have any suggestions on how to improve the Fandor experience or have a cool idea you’d like to share, please leave a comment in our feedback and discussion forum – we check it frequently and promise to get back to you: http://goo.gl/FWTre4

      • Thank you, Steven! I just now looked at the discussion forum and found lots of interesting stuff there, including your mention of several new indie films that I want to check out. Great!

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