Listen up: Filmwax Radio

Filmwax Radio + Fandor

Filmmakers spill the beans to Adam Schartoff in a series of podcasts that bring fresh eyes (and ears) to the Fandor library. By Hannah Piper Burns.

It’s a match made in cinephile heaven: we’ve joined forces with Adam Schartoff and Filmwax Radio for a series of monthly podcasts that take an in-depth look at some of Fandor’s most buzz-worthy releases.

Adam Schartoff Filmwax

Adam Schartoff, host of Filmwax Radio

Are you the sort who loves to watch DVDs with the commentary on? Do you like getting into the meat of the creative process, the how and why of filmmaking, as told by those entrenched in the world of independent cinema? Then Filmwax Radio is your cup of tea. Since 2011, Filmwax, which is produced in cooperation with Rooftop Films (for the non-New Yorkers among you, Rooftop Films is a non-profit that partners with emerging filmmakers and regularly screens films in outdoor locations), has featured fascinating, in-depth interviews with auteurs and other prominent members of the independent film community.

Our collaboration with Adam kicks off this month with a conversation with Nathan Silver, whose feature film Exit Elena is now available on Fandor. Per usual, the lively discussion bounces from topic to topic, covering the directors personal point of view and thoughts on contemporary film culture. Control vs. chaos, Robert Altman, Brian de Palma, and a mutual hatred of listicles are all touched upon.

We’re really excited to be partnering with Adam and looking forward to his thoughtful discussions with some of the most exciting independent filmmakers working today. We’ll be posting new podcasts on Keyframe each month— stay tuned for more great content to come throughout the coming year!

Podcast Schedule
January – Nathan Silver, director of Exit Elena. Listen here.
February – Hal Hartley, noted independent filmmaker. Listen here.
February – Jay Rosenblatt, experimental filmmaker. Listen here.
March – TBD

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