Like a movie? Share a movie.

Fandor Invite a Friend

Film recommendations are great, especially when they come from a friend (and include a free Fandor pass!)

Just saw an awesome movie and can’t keep it to yourself? With our new sharing feature, Fandor members can recommend films to friends and give them free three-day passes to watch.

We think word-of-mouth (or, email-of-fingers in this case) is the best way for films to reach a wider audience. If no one told anybody about the films they love, the world would be worse off, don’t you think?

Many of you have asked us about easier ways to share Fandor movies. Taking your feedback into consideration, we’ve introduced a new feature for Fandor members that lets them recommend films to friends and family members. But wait…that’s not all. When you recommend a film to someone, they also receive a free three-day pass to Fandor to watch as many films as they want, no credit card required.

Sounds good, right? Now, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to recommend films and there are a few places on the site that allow you to click and share. (Note: to use this new sharing feature, you must be a current Fandor subscriber and logged in to your account. For full rules and guidelines, click here and scroll down.)

1) Site footer—We’ve included a link to the Invite a Friend page in the site footer, so you can locate it on any Fandor page.
Invite a friend in Fandor site footer

When you click the link, you’ll be asked to select a film from your list of watched films.
Fandor Invite a FriendThen, enter email addresses for anyone you’d like to recommend the film to (mom, dad, grandpa, friends, your favorite teacher, etc.) You can also enter a personalized message if you’d like.
Fandor Invite a FriendClick the “Invite” button and you’re good to go! Your friend will receive an email with your recommendations and instructions for claiming their free pass.
Fandor Invite a Friend2) The film page—Another way you can give a free pass is to click the “Invite a friend to watch” icon. You can find it on every film page to the left of the player (follow the arrow!)
Fandor Invite a Friend

A pop-up will appear. Simply enter your friends’ email addresses and a personal message (optional) and click “Invite” to send.
Fandor Invite a Friend

3) Post-viewing popup—Now when you finish watching a film, in addition to being asked to rate and review, you’ll also have the option of sharing the film. So, keep an eye out for this too as you’re plowing through the Fandor library.
Fandor Invite a Friend

We’d love to hear from you about this new feature—whether you find it useful, how often you’re using it, what your friends are saying, how you think it can be improved. If you have a moment, leave us feedback in our UserVoice forum. Also, please let us know about any other user features you’d like to see us introduce to Fandor in the future.

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