Featured Release – Tabu

Tabu directed by Miguel Gomes

Every Friday, Fandor’s curators serve up a newly available film worthy of special attention. This week’s Featured Release is Tabu directed by Miguel Gomes.

Tabu is one of those truly unique movies you can get tongue-tied just trying to describe: a tragic pop pastiche? A lyrical Old Hollywood melodrama projected on a bedsheet? A celluloid curio à la Barnum’s Fiji mermaid? At such times, it’s better to stick with a simple ‘wonderful.'” – Nick Pinkerton, The Village Voice

Our Featured Release this week on Fandor is truly an outstanding pick—Miguel Gomes’ Tabu, a sensual, epic love story from Portugal. When Aurora, an eccentric elderly woman living in Lisbon falls ill, she asks her friend Pilar to travel to Africa to track down her former lover, a man she has never spoke of to anyone’s knowledge. Jumping fifty-years into the past, Tabu travels The English Patient-style backward in time, placing us amidst a sweeping romance set against the backdrop of colonial Africa. Click here to watch a preview of this critical favorite.

On Keyframe, Adrian Martin pens an appreciation of Tabu, noting that “rarely has an ultra-low budget let to such a necessary, richly expressive minimalism.” Be sure to click on over to the article for more of his thoughts on the film:
Dust of Time: Tabu (February 6, 2014)

Also, David Hudson has dutifully collected critical reviews of the film from its screening at the Toronto International Film Festival through its release at festivals and theaters around the United States. Click below to read those round-ups:
DAILY | Toronto 2012 | Miguel Gomes’s Tabu (September 7, 2012)
DAILY | Miguel Gomes’s Tabu (December 28, 2012)

Tabu directed by Miguel Gomes

Additional Viewing:

Our Beloved Month of August (2008) directed by Miguel Gomes

Our Beloved Month of August directed by Miguel Gomes

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