Staff Picks: Jasmyn Wong

Jasmyn Wong Staff Picks

Eclectic and eccentric films that inspire the artist and touch the soul.

Fandor Data Integrity Specialist Jasmyn Wong is painfully hip: tattooed to the hilt, an animal on the drums and, come rain or shine, always sporting some pretty spiffy vintage threads. She’s also a renaissance girl at heart, a lover of music, film, and the arts. One of her greatest passions is watching eccentric and emotionally moving films that speak to her artistic sensibilities.

“As a young teen growing up in San Francisco in the late 90s, I had access to amazing gold mines such as Le Video, Leather Tongue, Lost Weekend and Into Video. They were secret portals to the great world of underground, independent, and obscure films. Amongst my circle of teenage friends, I was known for loving ‘incredibly strange films.’ My friends would always joke, ‘oh no, don’t let Jasmyn pick the movie!’ I often had to watch films alone, since no one seemed to share my taste for absurd, oddball cult films. Luckily, as I grew older, I met others who enjoyed such films and of course my tastes grew much broader. I feel very lucky to work at a place like Fandor since it has a wonderful library of the eclectic and eccentric.”

Eclectic and eccentric are apt words to describe Jasmyn’s recommendations, which run the gamut from a Japanese puppet horror tale to the plight of a progressive German nun in the 12th century. Scroll down for Jasmyn’s picks—they’re the kind of movies you probably haven’t seen but should.

1. The Demon (1972) directed by Kihachiro Kawamoto

The Demon directed by Kihachiro Kawamoto“I was drawn to this haunting stop motion animation because the puppets are so ornately sculpted and delicately painted. It’s based upon the 12th century Japanese legend of ‘Konjaku-monogatari,’ which I’ve always been fascinated with. The soundtrack is mesmerizing. I could watch this film a thousand times and always find something different to appreciate.”

2. Meshes of the Afternoon (1943) directed by Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid

Meshes of the Afternoon directed by Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid

“The avant-garde director Maya Deren has greatly inspired me as an artist and musician through her beautiful imagery and surrealist works. One of my favorites of hers is Meshes of the Afternoon, which makes me feel as if I’m stuck in a dream-like state of neurosis of the human psyche.”

3. Carnival of Souls (1962) directed by Herk Harvey

Carnival of Souls directed by Herk Harvey

“This cult classic has always been a favorite of mine. The camerawork for this low-budget feature is wonderfully executed. Perhaps it’s the haunting organ soundtrack, creepy phantom stalker, or Mary’s wide-eye screams that make me get the chills every time I watch this horror flick.”

4. The Apple Pushers (2011) directed by Mary Mazzio

The Apple Pushers directed by Mary Mazzio

“This is one of my favorite documentaries because it’s so inspiring! The film paints a colorful picture of five different immigrant’s struggles and journeys in America. The best part of this film is how it reminds me that America is truly a melting pot of different cultural identities. By learning through different people’s experiences, we can help make our world a better place to live.”

5. Vision (2009) directed by Margarethe von Trotta

Vision directed by Margarethe von Trotta

“Before watching this film, I didn’t know much about Hildegard Von Bingen other than her beautiful music compositions and mystic herbal medicine studies. This film did a wonderful job depicting this nun’s fierce determination and array of eccentricities within the church. Also my lil’ rescue greyhuahua was named after this amazing woman, so I had to uncover the mystery of why she was named after her.”

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