New Narratives: Building An Interactive Storyworld

South by Southwest Fandor

How can films provide a more immersive, and ultimately more fulfilling, experience for audiences?

The first few weeks of South by Southwest are divided into two camps, Interactive and Film, but a discussion on the emerging genre of interactive storytelling finds itself at the intersection of both.

Fandor CEO Ted Hope will be participating in a panel on the topic this Saturday, March 8 at 12:30PM in the “Austin Suite” of the Austin Convention Center. He’ll be joined by Storycode Founder Aina Abiodum, Senior Digital Content Strategist at ITVS Karim Ahmad and Mike Knowlton, partner at Murmurs.

New Narratives: Building An Interactive Storyworld

So what exactly is interactive storytelling and how does it relate to filmmaking and film consumption? You’ll want to come by the panel to get the full story, but here’s what you can expect, via the SXSW website:

“The landscape of interactive documentaries is exploding, so where are all the interactive narrative films on the web? Right here. ITVS, Murmur, Storycode & Ted Hope will discuss the emerging genre of interactive narrative film, next-gen web series, & how creating immersive storyworlds can build audiences for feature films.

We will conduct a case study on an interactive web series created by ITVS, designed by Murmur, featuring content from some of today’s top indie filmmakers. We will feature the work of Storycode, a community that conducts story hackathons to create original cross-platform fictional narratives. We will discuss the recently launched ITVS Storylab, a next-gen web series incubator. And we will discuss how these efforts may help build a more sustainable filmmaking ecosystem.”

If you’re attending the festival this year, we hope you’ll stop by for this talk early Saturday afternoon (that means no heavy drinking Friday night!) If you need further enticement, the panel was named one of the 5 Essential Events Film/Tech Geeks Won’t Want to Miss at SXSW by Indiewire. Visit the SXSW website for more details.

We encourage you to join in on the conversation: send questions and comments to the panelists on Twitter:
Ted Hope: @TedHope
Aina Abiodun: @ainaabiodun
Karim Ahmad: @the_karachi_kid

Also, for those of you making the trek to Austin this year, we recommend taking a peek at David Hudson’s South by Southwest preview on Keyframe for tips on what to see and why:
Previewing SXSW 2014 (March 6, 2014)

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