Featured Release: Night Tide

Curtis Harrington's Night Tide
Every Friday, Fandor’s curators serve up a newly available film worthy of special attention. This week’s Featured Release is Curtis Harrington’s Night Tide, which stars a young Dennis Hopper in a love story loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabel Lee”.

A dreamlike thing that works its magic in unconventional ways, Night Tide continues to impress viewers with its suspenseful idiosyncrasies.” – David Kalat, Turner Classic Movies

Curtis Harrington’s first feature may have marked an entrance into a more mainstream form, but it retains much of the mystery and mysticism of his early and more experimental forays. In fact, according to Shade Rupe of Keyframe, the film is “the amalgam of the underground and avant-garde filmmaker’s obsessions until the time in his life when Hollywood broke that all apart and he refashioned himself as the maker of more directly narrative films.” (April 4, 2014). 

If Night Tide inspires you to pick apart the threads of Harrington’s spell-binding and singular vision, many of the films spanning his four-decade career can be found in the Fandor library, including:

The Wormwood Star (1955)Curtis Harrington's The Wormwood Star
Before her turn as Mora the mermaid, Marjorie Cameron and her artsy occultism were the stars of this striking short. 

The Four Elements (1966) Curtis Harrington's The Four ElementsThe most poetic documentary about the United States Information Agency you will ever see, guaranteed.

Usher (2002)Curtis Harrington's UsherHarrington’s last film is actually a re-working of one of his first films, mixing Edgar Allan Poe with the Church of Satan in a final expression of his specific spirituality.

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