Got a Film on Fandor? Get it Seen.

Fandor Invite a Friend

Congratulations! Your film is available streaming on Fandor. Now what? The Fandor referral program is a great way to let friends, family and fans access your film and for you to gain increased views, publicity and feedback! 

Are you ready to share your film with family, friends and fans? Send them a free three-day pass and they’ll be watching your masterpiece in no time. Once they sign up (no credit card required), they’ll have three days to watch your film (and anything else that piques their interest in the Fandor library). All you need to do is log into your account and you can send up to ten invitations each day. Only send to people who have given you their email address or explicit permission to email them. Otherwise it’s spam, and spam is the enemy of your outreach plan!

Here are the ways you can make the referral program  part of your film’s outreach:

1) Site footer—We’ve included a link to the Invite a Friend page in the site footer, so you can locate it on any Fandor page.

When you click the link, you’ll be asked to select a film from your list of watched films. Fandor Invite a Friend

Then, enter up to ten email addresses for anyone you’d like to recommend the film to, as long as they’ve give you permission to email them. You can also enter a personalized message if you’d like.

Fandor Invite a Friend

Click the “Invite” button and you’re good to go! Your friends and fans will receive an email with your recommendations and instructions for claiming their free pass.

Fandor Invite a Friend2) The film page—Another way you can give a free pass is to click the “Invite a friend to watch” icon. You can find it on every film page to the left of the player (follow the arrow!) Fandor Invite a Friend

A pop-up will appear. Enter those email addresses – or select recipients from your address book –  and an optional personal message and click “Invite” to send.

3) Post-viewing popup—Now when you finish watching a film, in addition to being asked to rate and review, you’ll also have the option of sharing the film. So be sure to urge your fans to invite their friends to watch your work as well! You can also recommend any other film that strikes your fancy as you peruse the Fandor library.

For full details about the rules and guidelines of this program, start here and scroll down. Now go forth, and share your creativity!

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