Reinvent Hollywood?

If we could redesign the film industry into the best possible system for the artists, the audience and the business, what would it look like? Starting May 28, Fandor CEO Ted Hope will be leading that very conversation, partnering with Reinventors and gathering influencers together for a six-part interactive web series called Reinvent Hollywood

The technology and politics of filmmaking are changing rapidly, which means that the industry will need to change as well. But what does that mean for every corner of the film industry? Reinvent Hollywood episodes will be released every two weeks and live on Fandor. They will systematically cover: The Form, The Artists, The Audience, The Business, The Festivals, Schools, and Non-Profits, and The Rules of the Game. For a taste of what will be covered in this series, check out Ted Hope’s recent blog post on the possible futures of independent film. And get ready to reinvent! You can join the conversation for each episode via Google Hangout.

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