Badges Come to Fandor Profiles: We Love our Reviewers!

We Love our Reviewers!

Lately, you may have noticed that you or other Fandor members now have a “thumbs-up” badge visible on their profile. What’s that all about? And what’s coming next?

At Fandor, we’ve been rolling out lots of new ways to interact with our library and service. Lately, we’ve been finding ways to highlight “Power Fandorians” that exemplify and enrich our community of film lovers.

Reviewer badges come from other members and are earned when your reviews are voted “helpful” to them. This our way of saying “Thanks!” for helping other Fandorians find and contextualize great indie films! It’s one thing to create a great place to watch films, and we work very hard to do that. But we also want to create a great place to talk about films, and share our passion with each other. That’s why our members who are also Fandor filmmakers now have their own badge, too! And we’ve also identified Fandor staff members (those are the ones with the little orange penguin). This feature brings an added level of context and transparency to the review process and the dialogue around our amazing collection.

Is your profile feeling a bit empty? Fear not! You can earn a badge by writing reviews that others love. And in the meantime, you can fill out your profile and let others know what you love and hate, watch and rate, and what independent film gives to the world. We will also be rolling out more badges soon to showcase more ways that our members make Fandor better. What badges would you like to see on member profiles in the future? And what else would you like to have on your Fandorian member profile to share with the other members of our community? We would love to hear your thoughts! Stay tuned—there will be more ways to dress up your Fandor profile very soon.

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