Use Fandor to Find the Perfect Film!

Fandor Journey Into FilmWhat are we watching tonight? With so many different ways to find great independent films, Fandor’s search tools offer a unique experience in curation and organization. Use these tools to explore and discover all kinds of fantastic cinema, and find out why Lincoln Spector of TechHive says, “When it comes to browsing tools, Fandor beats any other streaming service I’ve tried.”

Discover Movies
Discover Films on Fandor
In the mood for a film about something specific? Spotlights and Journeys are all tools to use when searching Fandor for a particular subject or theme. Spotlights are handpicked collections of films centering on a theme or topic, like LGBTQ film, Avant-garde film, and even space. Journeys into Film, on the other hand, are explorations into films that follow the same motifs and concepts across style and history, and are often selected by special guest curators. Espionage, mind-altering substances, sport and pets are just some of the subject matter found in the Journeys.

Explore Films
Explore Films on Fandor
There are lots of ways to search for films on Fandor other than by subject matter or content! Fandor is basically a film festival that never ends, and we pride ourselves on making stellar features and shorts from film festivals all over the USA and the world available to watch. Use our Festivals link to find the film flavor that you crave. If you want to get even more specific, dive into our Genres and watch us break it down, and down, and down again until you find exactly what you’re looking for. You want top rated Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction made in the last 30 years? No problem. And if you’re passionate about International Films, whether from Russia, Hong Kong, Argentina or any points between, we’ve got you covered. We can even filter films according to quality, with all of our High-Definition films in one place for your viewing pleasure.

Crowd-Source Your Film Choice top-reviewsStill not sure what to watch? Put a finger square on the pulse of our community and let them guide your choice! Films can be found by searching through recent and top Reviews (we have great reviewers!) as well as checking out the week’s Popular films. These are both great ways to surface unexpected new favorites or just shake things up a little.

Have you tried the Fandor Channel yet? It’s a perfect way to browse if you have no idea what you’re in the mood for! A “non-stop movie mixtape” that plays a selection of curated films 24/7, the Fandor Channel always has something great on and visiting the channel drops you directly in to the in-progress film. Just click on the film to start it from the beginning or queue it for later viewing.

There are so many ways to navigate our library that we know you will find the perfect film for your mood and preference. Try them out and combine them, find something new and beef up your queue! Happy searching.



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