Get Your Indie Film FIX with Fandor’s New Filmmaker-Based Initiative!

Fandor FIX

Here at Fandor, it’s no secret that we love filmmakers! Now, we’re creating an apparatus to truly support their careers and their relationships with their audience.  

Fandor FIX is a new initiative that will give filmmakers a platform to announce and explain new projects, connect with fans, and continue the creative work that galvanizes us all! Jonathan Marlow, Fandor co-founder and Chief Content Officer, says of this new initiative:

“FIX is a reflection of the unique direct relationships we have with many of the remarkable filmmakers available on the service. We have always wanted to enhance the network effect of gathering great films and great filmmakers in one place. FIX allows us an ideal opportunity for connecting artists with audiences.”

In the initial stages, FIX will set up the filmmakers with expanded film pages, enabling them to provide more information on their work and what drives them as artists. As the program grows, FIX will provide a place for filmmakers to feature their forthcoming work, engage with their audiences, enhance the visibility of their films, and ultimately create an interactive experience between the filmmaker and the viewer, while having access and transparency to methods and results of engagement efforts.

FIX launches with five filmmakers all debuting new work on Fandor—nearly thirty premieres in total! Let’s take a closer look at who and what we’ve offered up for your indie-film-loving enjoyment:

Hal Hartley

THE GIRL FROM MONDAY directed by Hal Hartley


Hal Hartley is a true iconoclast who inspires a kind of voracious loyalty in an audience rarely found in this day and age. You may know that Fandor premiered his latest project, MY AMERICA, but Hartley now has three additional works available on Fandor: THE GIRL FROM MONDAY, AMBITION, and THEORY OF ACHIEVEMENT.


Barry Jenkins

A Young Couple directed by Barry Jenkins

A YOUNG COUPLE is this week’s Fandor Featured Release!

Since 2009’s acclaimed first feature MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY, Barry Jenkins has made many short films on a commissioned and collaborative basis. And now, you can watch them all on Fandor! As an added bonus, check out this fantastic article and video essay on Jenkins’ short films by the incomparable Kevin B. Lee:


Marie Losier

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye directed by Marie Losier


Counting the Kuchar brothers and Guy Maddin (who calls her “the most effervescent and psychologically accurate portrait-artist working in film today”) among her subjects and influences, the films of Marie Losier are, for lack of a better term, a trip. And now, you can see her dreamy, weird and touchingly romantic feature THE BALLAD OF GENESIS AND LADY JAYE, as well as almost all of her bent and beautiful short works, on Fandor.


Mark Rappaport

Exterior Night directed by Mark Rappaport


For nearly fifty years, Mark Rappaport has crafted experimentally-flavored works that take a meta-approach to pop culture and media. Through FIX, Fandor now has fifteen of these highly original visions, including LOCAL COLOR, ROCK HUDSON’S HOME MOVIES, and now, his first feature CASUAL RELATIONS. Fun fact: his early short MUR 19 was recently featured in our Spotlight on the Avant-garde.


Caroline Martel

Wavemakers directed by Caroline Martel


Canadian documentarian Caroline Martel has a knack for finding and illuminating stories of the previously unsung but no less fascinating. Through FIX, we are proud to premiere her latest film, WAVEMAKERS, which chronicles the genesis of strange and magical instrument the ondes Martenot. Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood loves this film, and we think you will, too.

In addition to these five featured filmmakers, who all epitomize the originality of vision that we strive to actively nurture and promote, FIX has over 100 additional participants, including Janie Geiser and the Zellner brothers. Check out the full list on the Fandor FIX landing page! And stay tuned—we have more exciting news to come next week!

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