The Fandor Festival Alliance: Partnerships in the Service of Independent Film

Fandor|Festival Alliance Map

Fandor is well on the way to forming a national network of film festivals to partner with us in the Fandor | Festival Alliance!

Fandor has always provided a home to indie films (both features and shorts) after they have made their rounds on the film festival circuit, making sure that they continue to reach audiences around the U.S. and Canada. Now, we’ve taken that a step further with the Fandor Festival Alliance!

By offering a customized suite of services and tools, the Fandor Festival Alliance will serve as a technical partner offering solutions to many of the technology challenges shared by film festivals on both a short and long term basis. We are creating and launching new dynamic film festival pages spotlighting each fest’s unique focus and branding, sending out structured membership incentive packages to bolster year-round support, and promoting festivals using our social platforms and advertising.

By leveraging Fandor’s assets and technological expertise, the Fandor Festival Alliance services will enable film festivals to grow their local audience, improve ticket sales and broaden their promotional opportunities through Fandor’s national reach.

We are proud to be partnering with these organizations with the mutual goal of supporting independent film—but don’t just take our word for it! Meet some of our amazing Fandor Festival Alliance members and hear why they are part of this exciting, brand new initiative:

Camden International Film FestivalCamden International Film Festival,
Camden, ME: “We’re thrilled to participate in (the Fandor) Festival Alliance – continuing the festival experience year-round for CIFF’s audiences with Fandor’s top notch curation of independent and international films, which could not be a better cultural fit for Camden, and additionally receiving from Fandor one of the assets film festivals need most – technological resources.”
— Caroline von Kuhn, Managing Director

IFF Boston

IFF Boston,
Boston, MA: “We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Fandor. They have the same goals that we do: creating community by connecting people through film. We look forward to working with them and like-minded festivals to make the festival experience richer for both filmmakers and audiences.”
— Brian Tamm, Executive Director

Lone Star Film FestivalLone Star Film Festival,
Fort Worth, TX: “A primary goal of the Lone Star Film Festival has always been to create an event that embraced and added value to the current and constantly evolving state of cinema and cinema culture. As an industry leader who is always interested in what’s next, Ted Hope represents this spirit that has characterized our festival and Fandor is an embodiment of this ambition to continue to adapt cinema culture to the changing times so that we can preserve it. The partnership couldn’t be any more natural and we feel very fortunate to be among the first festivals to take part.” — Alec Jhangiani, Director

Nantucket Film Festival

Nantucket Film Festival,
Nantucket, MA: “Ted Hope has been a friend of the Nantucket Film Festival for many years and with this new initiative that offers technical support, services and Fandor incentives – we were excited to be part of the Fandor Festival Alliance.”— Mystelle Brabbée, Artistic Director

Napa Valley Film FestivalNapa Valley Film Festival,
Napa Valley, CA: “Napa Valley Film Festival is thrilled to join the Fandor Festival Alliance to further our mutual goal of connecting audiences with creative and innovative films from around the world.”— Marc Lhormer, 
Co-Founder, Executive & Artistic Director


New Orleans Film Festival

New Orleans Film Festival,
New Orleans, LA:
“We are very excited about how Fandor is extending the life of amazing independent films on the festival circuit. As a film society and the producer of a film festival, our partnership with Fandor is an intuitive step towards supporting independent film culture.” —Jolene Pinder, Executive Director

San Francisco Silent Film Festival

San Francisco
Silent Film Festival
San Francisco, CA: “San Francsico Silent Film Festival is a fan of Fandor! We are thrilled that they are bringing 21st-century technology to our 20th-century art.”
— Anita Monga, Artistic Director

Full Frame Documentary FIlm FestivalFull Frame Documentary Film Festival,
Durham, NC: “Full Frame fans have always sought the documentaries we screen long after the festival, and they can be hard to find. Knowing Fandor is lead by Ted and his reputation for thinking of the filmmakers first, we feel great about offering Fandor to our audience as the place to find documentaries they want to watch online.”
— Deirdre Haj, Director

Global Peace Film FestivalGlobal Peace Film Festival,
Orlando, FL: “The Fandor Festival Alliance is an exciting addition to the opportunities available for film festivals to reach new audiences and we are looking forward to a growing relationship.” — Nina Streich, Executive Director


Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

Santa Fe Independent Film FestivalSanta Fe, NM: “It is an independent film festival’s business to remain on the cutting-edge of film exhibition. That’s why it is such an honor for the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival to partner with Fandor and Ted Hope for a  cinematic future that is inclusive of independent artists.”

— Jacques Paisner, Executive Director and Co- Founder

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Other current Fandor Festival Alliance members include Indie Memphis Film Festival (TN), Oak Cliff Film Festival (TX), San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (CA), and the IFP Festival Forum (NY), and we are adding more to this list all the time. And stay tuned! New customizable technology products will be revealed soon, allowing Fandor Festival Alliance partners to move their organization forward and concentrate resources and efforts on programming and building their community.

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