Fandor’s Newest Infographic: Let’s Talk About Sex (and the Cinema), Baby

Sex and the Cinema

Our newest infographic, SEX AND THE CINEMA, is a survey of the way sexuality and film have co-existed in complex, compelling ways since the dawn of the form itself. Spoiler alert: it’s one steamy history!

This week, things are really heating up at Fandor, in the form of our hot-off-the-presses infographic: SEX AND THE CINEMA, for your viewing pleasure! Chock-full of juicy facts about the boundary-pushing films that got us from the Nineteenth (yes, you read that right) Century up through today’s steamy (and often award-winning) offerings, this survey has something for all tastes.

Sex and the Cinema

By taking the historical approach, we see how film has and will continue to leverage spectacle and desire in the service of the zeitgeist, whether political or societal, activist or oppressive. In this timeline, there are lots of familiar faces and names, from DeMille to Bertolucci, Bardot to Voight (and Ledger and Gyllenhaal), and more.

Sex and the Cinema

It goes to show that sex has always been an essential theme for masters of the craft! Even James Bond got in on the action. Each has played a part in teasing, eroding, and sometimes downright exploding the taboos of their respective times.

Sex and the Cinema

Sometimes, a film could (and would) push too far, and the backlash would unintentionally feed one of film’s darkest shadows, censorship. But often, the box office or the cult following would prove that moviegoers are hungry for frank, unflinching fare.

Sex and the Cinema

Speaking of hunger, we have more media to satiate your taste for titillation!  In tandem with this scintillating reference guide, we’ve also released a Spotlight on Sexploitation! And it’s accompanied by a montage that really puts the sizzle in “sizzle reel”. For those of us that get off on gender parity, the incomparable Kevin B. Lee has it covered, with an awesome article and video essay on “Bechdel-sploitation”.

If all of this media has whet your appetite for even more knowledge, you can check our other excellent, albeit more safe for work, infographics here. And stay tuned! We’ll have more great opportunities to geek out on cinema very soon.

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