Your Next Fandor Indie Filmmaker FIX is In!

Fandor FIX Round 2 Filmmakers

We recently launched the exciting new Fandor FIX initiative focusing on the independent filmmakers we love, and every few weeks will be introducing new FIX members. Take a look at our second crop of dynamic and diverse creators!

We are thrilled to introduce the next group of featured FIX filmmakers. All noted artists in their own right, they as a group represent the glorious range of content and form that makes the Fandor library such a treasure trove of fantastic independent cinema. Here is a guide to these creative powerhouses and the work you can stream on Fandor right now:

Tom Gilroy

The Cold Lands, directed by Tom Gilroy


Tom GIlroy’s latest feature film, The Cold Lands, is now available on Fandor. His second project with the incomparable Lili Taylor, the film also has bonus content: video collaborations with musicians using footage that didn’t make it into the final cut, like this gorgeous offering from Gilroy’s longtime friend and previous collaborator Michael Stipe.

Gilroy also had a chance to talk to Filmwax Radio about The Cold Lands in a not-to-be-missed interview, and a Q and A between Gilroy and Fandor CEO Ted Hope after a recent screening of The Cold Lands is available on his FIX Filmmaker page. This amazing film is also part of our newly-released Spotlight on Coming-of-Age.

Nina Menkes

Phantom Love, directed by Nina Menkes


Nobody makes films like Nina Menkes. Her commitment to her own vision and internal logic make her artful and dreamy films, like her 2007 feature Phantom Lovepack an emotional (and feminist-political) punch, and so it’s no surprise that both she and others have referred to her talent as a kind of witchcraft or sorcery. Now you can watch three of these masterful works on Fandor. See why fellow FIX filmmaker Mark Rappaport calls her “electrifying“!

Jos de Putter

It's Been a Lovely Day, directed by Jos de Putter


Fans of non-fiction film, rejoice! Jos de Putter’s It’s Been a Lovely Day is an account of a year on the family farm that is widely considered to be a triumph of the pure documentary form, as well as one of the best Dutch films ever made. Three other films of de Putter’s are also available on Fandor, with subjects as far-ranging as the luckless Brooklyn Dodgers, mysterious pulp author pseudonyms, and highly competitive computer game championships. Truly, this oeuvre has something for everyone!

Lynne Sachs

Same Stream Twice, directed by Lynne Sachs


Lynne Sachs is a prolific experimental filmmaker who was recently featured in Fandor’s Spotlight on the Avant-garde. Her essays and structural exercises, both short and long, mine the spaces of overlap between the personal and historical experience, exploring topics like travel, motherhood, and gender identity. Twenty-four of these films from nearly three decades of her career are available now on Fandor.

Lawrence Jordan

Lawrence Jordan

Lawrence Jordan

Speaking of our Spotlight on the Avant-garde, Lawrence Jordan also has a place in this miniature canon of experimentalism, although he comes from a very different place creatively. His handmade animations of paper cutouts and Victorian engravings have an anachronistic and poetic flair, and have been a mainstay of the Ann Arbor Film Festival since the late 1960s. A contemporary of Stan Brakhage and Bruce Conner, Jordan helped found Canyon Cinema, a distributor Fandor has worked with closely to deliver our members one-of-a-kind content from visionary creative minds.

In addition to these five featured filmmakers, who all epitomize the originality of vision that we strive to actively nurture and promote, FIX has over 100 additional participants, including Janie Geiser and the Zellner brothers. Check out the full list on the Fandor FIX landing page! And stay tuned—we will be releasing a fresh new batch of featured filmmakers in a few weeks!

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