How To: Link Your Fandor Account to Your Roku

Fandor and Roku

Are you tired of having to watch Fandor from your computer? Ready to move to the big screen? Fandor has you covered with our Roku channel! Watch thousands of films from your own at-home theatre on any Roku device. This post was written by our Customer Service Supervisor extraordinaire Nick Kosma. 

Ready to start watching amazing independent films on your TV via Roku?

1) First, you will need to install the Fandor Channel on your Roku device. You can do this from the main menu by clicking ‘Search‘ or by going to the ‘Channel Store‘. You can find our channel in the Channel Store under ‘Movies & TV‘. Once you have our channel installed, you can either click the ‘Go to channel‘ option or go back to the home page and find our channel under ‘My Channels‘. If you have additional questions, you can click here for our detailed FAQ on channel installation.

Link to Your Subscription

2) Once you are working with our channel, go ahead and select any film! Four options should be available to you. Choose Link to your Subscription, which will generate a case-sensitive activation code used to link to your subscription.
3) With your code, go to our website and log into your account. Once you are logged in, visit our Roku page and enter in your code. In a few moments your Roku should allow you to start playing films! If you have additional questions, you can click here for our detailed FAQ on how to link your Roku to your subscription.

Enjoy amazing cinema!

4) Grab the popcorn and enjoy!

*Now, we know that hiccups happen. If you are receiving a message that your Roku’s subscription is expired or having difficulties linking your subscription, contact our support team at and include your Roku’s serial number.

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