New to Fandor: Movie Lists Put Indie Film Curation in YOUR Hands!


Today’s post explaining more about this dynamic new tool was written by Movie List co-creator and Fandor’s rockstar Product Manager, Ji Kim. 

Featured Movie Lists
Movie Lists have come to Fandor!

You’ll notice our new Movie Lists on our homepage when you sign in. Our Featured Movie Lists page also lets you browse collections of films curated by the Fandor community. Movie Lists are a fun and visual way to discover, collect and share amazing films on Fandor. With Movie Lists, you can explore collections of films, save films that you like and easily share your curated creations with friends.  

So, why did we create Movie Lists?

* Our Fandorians possess incredible knowledge about great films! Through the Movie List feature, our members can now share and recommend list of films to watch. In fact, we feel like best recommendations often come from other film lovers.

* We wanted an easier way for our members to save and organize their favorite films by theme. For example, I’m a big foodie, so naturally I created a Movie List called “Foodie” where I can save my favorite Fandor films about restaurants and cooking. I hope you like it!

Foodie Movie List

* The Movie List feature is also an excellent tool for learning. For example, film schools can use Movie Lists to assign list of films that students should watch for the class. Non-profits can likewise use Movie Lists to educate the public about the issues they care about through the lens of indie film. Possibilities are endless!

Above all, Movie Lists are about you, our members. Show off your creativity and share inspiration with your friends and community!

Creating a Movie List is easy. Check out this quick how-to video:

Also, you can easily access all your personal Movies Lists at any time by clicking “My Movie Lists” from the “My Fandor” menu.

We can’t wait for you to try out Movie Lists and tell us what you think! This week, you could win a $500 Amazon Gift Card just for making and sharing your Movie Lists, too! Click here for all the details. Happy listing!





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