Fandor FIX: Festival Edition!

FIX Filmmakers 3

We recently launched the exciting new Fandor FIX initiative focusing on the independent filmmakers we love, and every few weeks will be introducing new “FIXers”. This week,  the synchronicity so essential to the magic of cinema is fully present, as all of our FIX filmmakers are involved with recent and current film festivals that we love! 

Each of these five creatives in our latest round of FIX filmmakers exemplifies how contemporary cinematic artists are versatile and iconoclastic in equal measure:

Jerzy Rose

Some Girls Never Learn directed by Jerzy Rose


We’ve premiered all of this Chicago-based filmmaker’s works on Fandor recently, including his award-winning shorts and his feature, Some Girls Never Learn. Now as a professor, he uses his position within academia to bring necessary critique to this and other institutions. Give his quirky, lusty works a whirl! A film festival veteran, his newest, EN PLEIN AIR, debuted last week at the Telluride Film Festival.

Lori Felker

Across and Down directed by Lori Felker


The cinematographer for EN PLEIN AIR, Jerzy Rose’s Telluride Film Festival offering, fellow Chicagoan Lori Felker is an incredibly accomplished director in her own right. Ten of her experimental shorts made over the past eight years are now available on Fandor, and while they explore seemingly disparate subjects, they are all connected by an exploration of the structures of human interaction in all their glorious and wondrous fallibility. Felker is also an active educator and programmer, as well as an expanded field artist in her own right.

Mark Cousins

What is this Film Called Love? Directed by Mark Cousins


Journalist. Critic. Festival runner. Mark Cousins is all of these things, in addition to being one of the most respected film essayists of the moment. Mark Cousins is all of these things, and more—he has also founded charities and created projects to make cinema accessible to the underrepresented! Mark has also been a Telluride Film Festival mainstay, showing works and lending his considerable expertise. We’d be hard pressed to find a more well – rounded cinephile in every sense of the word, and are thrilled to have his personal and poetic meditation on film and happiness, What is this film called Love?on Fandor.

Josh Gibson

Kudzu Vine directed by Josh Gibson


Josh Gibson’s films sit at the intersection of non-fiction storytelling and individual experience. Through hand-processing and other throwback techniques, his pieces, three of which are available streaming on Fandor, bring a tactile, personal art to his narratives of exploration. Gibson’s new film, THEORETICAL ARCHITECTURES, recently premiered at the Telluride Film Festival.

Shambhavi Kaul

Scene 32 directed by Shambhavi Kaul


We are thrilled that Shambhavi Kaul’s NIGHT NOON is premiering on Monday, September 8 at the ongoing Toronto International Film Festival— as if we weren’t already excited about this year’s offerings! Kaul has a way of turning the ordinary into the beautifully, if not a little disturbingly, strange. Seeing may be believing, but Kaul’s works make us question both. Watch SCENE 32 and PLACE FOR LANDING, now streaming on Fandor, and prepare to be transported to magical and uncanny realms!

And stay tuned for our next FIX reveal! It will be here before you know it.

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