FIX, Fandor, Funding and Festivals: Indie Community at its Finest

Fandor FIX filmmakers

We love supporting filmmakers during every stage of their creative process! Our latest crop of FIX filmmakers are cutting-edge artists with exciting new projects on Kickstarter and work premiering at the 2014 New York Film Festival.

Penny Lane

Men Seeking Women directed by Penny Lane


You may know Penny Lane (yes, that is her real name) from her documentaries OUR NIXON and THE ABORTION DIARIES, or perhaps you’ve seen her latest project, NUTS!, featured on Kickstarter. Clearly, this filmmaker, writer, and artist isn’t afraid of addressing the unusual or controversial (or just plain strange)! Take a closer look at this avant-garde documentarian with five shorts now streaming on Fandor, including Men Seeking Women, a skipping trip down the rabbit hole of Craigslist personals.

Jodie Mack

Yard Work is Hard Work directed by Jodie Mack


Jodie’s Mack’s particular brand of magic is earnest, melodic, and gorgeous to behold. Her newest project, RAZZLE DAZZLE, premieres this week in the prestigious Projections program at the 2014 New York Film Festival and epitomizes the glittery turn she has taken of late. Here on Fandor, you can watch almost twenty of her earlier works, including the ambitious collage musical Yard Work is Hard Work and staff favorite UNSUBSCRIBE IV (THE SADDEST SONG IN THE WORLD).

Josh Safdie and Benny Safdie

The Black Balloon directed by Josh Safdie and Benny Safdie


These brothers and collaborators prove that economy of means can mean big success. In fact, sometimes working with what you can get can lead to compelling films with a singular vision, like 2012 short The Black Balloon. Have you ever seen an “intended-for-children film turned sci-fi urban fable”? This unforgettable film, along with many others, captures the energy and spirit of authentic urbanity, and is now available to view on Fandor. Catch their newest triumph, HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT, at the 2014 New York Film Festival.

Janie Geiser

The Fourth Watch directed by Janie Geiser


Guggenheim Fellow Janie Geiser’s THE HUMMINGBIRD WARS, which she calls “a visual/aural collage film, drawing on sources as seemingly disparate as Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, Japanese Gagaku music, makeup illustrations for 19th-century actors, the biography of a Shakespearean performer, blooming and decaying flowers, and a World War I First Aid Book” will make its debut at Projections this week. Geiser’s oeuvre is full of other beautiful and mysterious combinations that draw from a rich tapestry of sources. The Fourth Watch, for example, culls from Ancient Greek traditions with a deeply surreal twist. See more of her lovely and uncanny work, now streaming on Fandor.

If you can’t make it to the 52nd annual New York Film Festival this year, fear not! We have four decades’ worth of films from past NYFF screenings available for your viewing pleasure. And stay tuned! The next FIX filmmakers will be announced in two weeks’ time.



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