Toward an Indie Film Industry that Survives and Thrives

Reinvent Hollywood

The Reinvent Hollywood series has wrapped and it’s clear that now is a crucial time for the film biz.
In the six episodes now available on Fandor, Ted Hope has gathered independent film industry influencers together to lay the groundwork for a system that works creatively, legally and monetarily from every corner, asking:

If we could redesign the film industry into the best possible system for the artists, the audience and the business, what would it look like?

Part good-natured debate, part interactive think tank and part dream conference panel, each episode of Reinvent Hollywood took place in an open Google Hangout, with dialogue spilling over into Twitter (using #reinventors). Full-length videos offer a 90-minute deep dive into the subject, and the recaps present condensed highlights from the roundtables. Each finds  the anchor and participants bringing a spectrum of views and experience to bear on tackling a different piece of the independent film industry. Take a look at the topics and take a crash course in the future of Indie Film on Fandor!

The Form: As feature film loses its dominant position, what will follow?

Tiffany Shlain, Filmmaker and founder of The Webby Awards

Karim AhmadSenior Digital Content Strategist at ITVS, Lance WeilerWriter, director, experience designer, Liz RosenthalFounder & CEO of Power to the Pixel, Michel ReilhacStory architect, experience designer, Peter LeydenFounder of Reinventors & Host of the Reinvent America series


The Artists: How do we enable the most diverse range of artists and creative work in a globalized marketplace?

Austin KleonWriter & artist

Ritesh BatraWriter & director (The Lunchbox), Melissa SilversteinFounder & editor of Women and Hollywood, Paul SchraderScreenwriter & film director, Scott Foundas, Chief film critic at Variety, Mynette Louie, President at Gamechanger Films & independent film producer

The Audience: How will audiences and their involvement with cinema evolve with increased digital access – from crowdfunding to social engagement?

Anne ThompsonFounder & Editor-in-Chief of Thompson on Hollywood

Ivan AskwithAssociate Producer for Veronica Mars (film), Gillian RobespierreWriter & Director of OBVIOUS CHILD, Tim LeagueCEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas & Drafthouse Films, Marc SchillerCEO & Founder of BOND Strategy, Sheri Candler, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy at The Film Collaborative

The Business: What are the most promising business models for better serving artists, audiences, and society?
Sharon WaxmanCEO & Editor-in-Chief of TheWrap
Bob GarfieldCo-host of NPR’s On The Media & Columnist for MediaPost, Franklin LeonardFounder & CEO of the Black List, Glen Basner, CEO of FilmNation Entertainment, Mary Jane SkalskiProducer at Next Wednesday Films, Sanjay SharmaMedia Executive & Digital Content Veteran, Nicole BoyerDirector of Process Design at Reinventors & foresight specialist

The Festivals, Schools, & Non-Profits: How may non-profits, film schools, and festivals fill the critical gaps in an emerging new system?
Keri PutnamExecutive Director of the Sundance Institute
Joana VicenteExecutive Director of the Independent Filmmaker Project, Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director of the Toronto International Film Festival, Ruby LernerFounding President & Executive Director of Creative Capital, Gamila YlstraCEO of Binger Filmlab, Ira DeutchmanManaging Partner of Emerging Pictures & Chair of the Film Program at Columbia University, Nicole BoyerDirector of Process Design at Reinventors & foresight specialist

The Rules of the Game: What rules of the game need to change for a sustainable new system to emerge? How should we prioritize them?
John PowersFilm Critic for Vogue & Critic-At-Large on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross
Michael DonaldsonEntertainment Attorney at Donaldson + Callif, LLP, Marvin AmmoriLawyer, activist & thought leader in Internet law, Corynne McSherry
Intellectual Property Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Kirby Ferguson
Filmmaker, writer & speaker, Peter LeydenFounder of Reinventors & Host of the Reinvent America series

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