A Very DOCtober Edition of FIX!

Fandor FIX

We at Fandor believe in the power of film to celebrate and illuminate the world’s stories. By this measure, our latest edition of Fandor FIX filmmakers have super powers! Let’s take a deep dive into the Documentary genre with some award-winning works.

Albert Maysles

MEET MARLON BRANDO directed by Albert Maysles


DOCtober wouldn’t be the same without the legendary Albert Maysles, celebrated direct cinema pioneer and crafter of some of the best nonfiction films ever made. His subjects have included famous names in the world of film, politics, and music, but did you know that you can watch six docs on the projects of legendary artist duo Christo and Jeanne-Claude on Fandor? From THE GATES in New York to the Pont-Neuf bridge in CHRISTO IN PARIS, you can take a journey exploring the epic and controversial sculptures and installations that transform the very landscape. Plus, Meet Marlon Brando, and fall in love, perhaps again.

Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine

SOMETHING VENTURED directed by Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine


Geller and Goldfine‘s THE GALAPAGOS AFFAR: SATAN CAME TO EDEN has opened to critical acclaim at festivals and in theaters, and now six of their award-winning docs, including Something Ventured (or Risk, Reward and the Original Venture Capitalists), which premiered at SXSW and BALLET RUSSES, which is widely considered one of the best documentaries of 2005, are available on Fandor.

Hope Tucker

THE SEA (IS STILL) AROUND US directed by Hope Tucker


Proof, time, change and the uncanny: Hope Tucker‘s avant-docs (or “experimental salvage ethnographies”) serve as poetic reminders of photography’s direct relationship to death. If you loved  SKINNINGROVE then you’ll love The Sea (is still) Around Us, and earlier works that explore and reframe the past to expose the missing, lost or disappeared.

Sam Green



Whether in film form or as one of his recent “live documentaries” that has toured the festival circuit and beyond, Sam Green has a knack for finding and unraveling stories in compelling and compassionate ways. His Oscar-nominated doc The Weather Underground also won the Marlon Riggs award from the San Francisco Film Critics Circle, especially fitting because Riggs mentored Green at the University of California at Berkeley. Watch it now on Fandor, along with Green’s love letter to Esperanto THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE and a few of his elegant and resonant short-form films.

Enjoy these documentaries year-round by living every day like it’s DOCtober, and stay tuned! Our next FIX launch will feature a whole new crop of Fandor filmmakers.

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