Fandor FIX + Crowdfunding = Great Film for All!

FIX Filmmakers Crowdfunding Campaigns

Now with FIX, you can support the ongoing projects of your favorite indie filmmakers and receive the gift of film in return! Give five dollars or more to the crowdfunding campaigns of Fandor FIX filmmakers and get a month of Fandor for free! So go forth: fund, share and help indie film thrive!

By offering our service as a perk for crowdfunding campaign contributors, Fandor brings filmmakers one step closer to the audiences that support and appreciate their work. In addition to other great rewards, now supporting these filmmakers means accessing their previous films in addition to thousands of other amazing indie titles! Check out these amazing projects to see what our FIX filmmakers have in the works:

Penny Lane Crowdfunding Campaign

Penny Lane is our first FIX crowdfunding success story. Known for her documentary OUR NIXON, she was recently featured in a previous FIX launch, and we are thrilled that NUTS! THE BRINKLEY STORY has just recently reached its funding goal (her campaign ended on October 14). Like Our Nixon, NUTS! is a portrait of an iconoclast, and the story Lane has uncovered starts with a goat testicle impotence cure and then, in the words of her campaign, “it gets really weird”. You’ll have to see this amazing project to believe it, and now it will be a reality! The campaign has helped secure the artwork for the remaining animated sequences that will bring this stranger-than-fiction doc to life. In the meantime, be sure to catch other Penny Lane films now streaming on Fandor!

Matt McCormick Crowdfunding Campaign

Miranda July, who narrated THE SUBCONSCIOUS ART OF GRAFFITI REMOVAL, (one of Fandor’s highest rated films of all time) and Carrie Brownstein, who between Sleater-Kinney and Portlandia starred in SOME DAYS ARE BETTER THAN OTHERS, are two amazing artists that have beloved Cascadian director Matt McCormick in common. McCormick is also an indie film champion—his Portland Documentary and Experimental Film Festival celebrated the avant-garde for eight years in the City of Roses—and so it gives us great pleasure to throw our weight behind the wheel of his latest project, BUZZ ONE FOUR. The story of a mysterious 1964 Broken Arrow event that could have changed American history forever, Buzz One Four has a very personal meaning for McCormick, as it was his own grandfather piloting the doomed aircraft. Says McCormick,

Buzz One Four is a complex story of survival, tragedy, heroism and betrayal, and yet is just a small part of a much larger narrative.  This film hopes to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice while reminding ourselves of the grievous mistakes our country has made in the name of national security.

This campaign ends very soon, so don’t wait to contribute!

Gleb Osatinski Crowdfunding Campaign

Have you had the chance to watch THE HOUSE AT THE EDGE OF THE GALAXY on Fandor? Director Gleb Osatinski is back with a new science fiction project! A short film that examines a family of self-trackers “who take it to the next level”, THE QUANTIFIED SELF is both a nod to Osatinski’s background in science and an extremely relevant comment on today’s world of proto-cyborg technological optimization, “a visual journey that explores the ideas of entrapment, obsessive compulsive disorder and how they affect family relationships.” Osatinski recently wrote, in a guest post on crowdfunding for Fandor CEO Ted Hope’s Hope For Film blog,

I come out of this process thinking Tarkovsky was right, people are islands.  But that doesn’t mean community is impossible. The most important thing for me as a director is to connect people through film. Because of where and when I grew up, I chose science fiction as my way of doing this because the genre constantly questions reality and provides the most humane answers. Yes, according to physics we do float in space quite literally, but when we sit in a dark room, film is the experience that connects us all.

If Osatinski’s words speak to you, or the subject of his next project speaks to you, help him find a filming location, male lead, and Production Designer and Director of Photography by contributing to his campaign in its final days.

Dario Argento Crowdfunding Campaign

Creative freedom may be priceless, but it also comes with a price. The crowdfunding model isn’t just about raising money to support an artist’s project, it’s also about raising money to support an artist’s project on their own terms. And when that artist happens to be none other than Dario Argento, well, we’re inclined to let the master work. Argento has been (artfully) terrifying the masses for decades with masterworks like INFERNO, DEEP RED and THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE, and now he’s back with a spine-chilling story that will do to Christmas what HALLOWEEN did to…Halloween. But don’t take it from us! The star of Argento’s forthcoming film, THE SANDMAN, can do a much better job of convincing you than we could:

Contribute to Argento’s campaign to craft this horrifying holiday tale and receive a month’s worth of spine-tingling indies both new and old, including all of the titles in our amazing Spotlight on The Sin Within! Maybe make sure the doors are locked first. Do you know other films lovers who would jump at the chance to help realize these projects and receive the gift film in return? Let them know! Crowdfunding is based on community participation, and we are trying to spread the news of these campaigns to every corner of the indie film world. And stay tuned! There will be more amazing FIX projects to discover and nurture in the very near future.

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