Ted Hope Puts Hope for Film in Streaming Cinema in Guest Column for The Hollywood Reporter

Fandor CEO Ted Hope recently penned a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, singing the praises of streaming as the way to make and share new, quality cinema.

Fandor CEO Ted Hope

Fandor CEO Ted Hope

In the column, Hope points to the rise of Netflix Originals (as well as the narrowing windows between box office and digital release) and the impending HBO streaming service, arguing that the appeal of cinema has shifted from the “who” and “what” to the “why”—that is, titles and directors are losing prominence in favor of resonant material, at least when it comes to the independent world:

The missing cog in our entertainment ecosystem is aggregated community, one united by values, interests, and behaviors. Why aren’t we hard at work building them now? Doesn’t it make far greater sense to bring films to where the people are gathered and offer it to them where, when, and how they want it? But has common sense ever been the fuel that makes the magic? Isn’t it about time?

This is a point of light in the vast landscape of sequels and reboots, pointing to the rise of quality cinema delivered by those that can measure audience engagement and use that data to shape future content. The good news is that the audience is out there. The task now is to bring them what they want.

[h/t The Hollywood Reporter]

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