New FIX Fare Awaits!

The Fandor FIX initiative

Our latest FIX filmmakers have fully realized vision and sharp instincts in generous supply. Check out their acclaimed works and learn more about their unique film grammar!

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Dig In to Food on Film!

Fandor Spotlight on Food, Glorious Food

Season’s “eatings” from Fandor! Our Spotlight on Food, Glorious Food is stuffed with mouth-watering movie morsels that will tantalize your culinary imagination. Watch, drool, and pass the gourmet popcorn!

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Everything you need to know about The Criterion Collection on Fandor

Looking for films from The Criterion Collection? Love classic and contemporary cinema?

Well look no further! Through an arrangement with Hulu, Fandor is now hosting commercial-free curated releases from The Criterion Collection, the best of classic and contemporary titles.

What is The Criterion Collection?

Since 1984, The Criterion Collection, a continuing series of important classic and contemporary films, has been dedicated to gathering the greatest films from around the world and publishing them in editions that offer the highest technical quality and award-winning, original supplements. If you’re interested in checking out Criterion’s website click: here.

So how do I watch The Criterion Collection on Fandor?

Each Tuesday, a new themed collection (“The Criterion Picks”) will premiere, available for 12 days only. All of the films’ pages include a timer displaying the remaining time that the film is available on our site.


Looking forward to a film that has yet to be released? You can add films to your calendar via the Add to my Calendar button at the top of each film page. You will receive a notification when the films in your calendar are made live on our site. Click here to view our upcoming films. If you are pressed for time, but don’t want to miss out on a film before it leaves our site, you can save a film to your Queue via the Add To button to the left of the playback window. We will email you a reminder 4 days before the film leaves our site!


Do remember these films are only available for a limited time! If you have any questions about the films or if you run into any issues, reach out to our support team at

So grab some popcorn and head over to Fandor to catch these Criterion Picks while they’re here!

What is that lock in my browser?

https-chromeFandor recently switched the whole site over to HTTPS.  We take security seriously and though this took some work, it was the right thing to do.  Since you probably have some questions, we have some answers!


Q: What is HTTPS?
A: HTTPS is an acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Simply put, it is a secure protocol that web servers may use to communicate with your web browser. Historically this was used on bank sites, payment pages and for site login but has expanded to search engines and other sites in recent years.

Q: Why did Fandor switch to HTTPS everywhere?
A: We believe that you should be the one to decide what you want to share.  Any non HTTPS connection can be observed by people on your network (so in “public” networks, like coffee shops that includes anyone who has the right tools).  Specifically, we wanted to move beyond making sure your payments were secure to making sure that everything you do on the site is secure.  Additionally, HTTPS mitigates against recent privacy challenges that some ISPs have been deploying (

Q: How do I know it’s on?
A: Most browsers, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer will tell you when a site or a page is secure. When HTTPS is being used, you will see a little lock icon next to the URL.








Q: How does it work?
A: It provides authentication for a web server and allows the data sent between it and your browser to be encrypted. There are a number of things this depends on. First, there is an independent certificate authority that approves HTTPS certificates. This ensures your browsers are talking HTTPS to the company that is serving the HTTPS. In fact, if you ever get a message that the certificate doesn’t match the site it is connecting to, you shouldn’t use that site.  If you ever see that about Fandor, please email to let us know.  To learn more, see the wikipedia entry for HTTPS.

Q: What does this mean for me?
A: Not only is your page secure when you subscribe or log in, but all the data sent back and forth uses HTTPS. This includes your searches, browsing of genre pages or watching films . What this means practically is that other people can’t snoop on your traffic. What you watch and what pages you view are only for you. With HTTPS used on all Fandor pages the site is more secure and there is less of a chance the data can be compromised. Mashable has a good writeup here.

Q: What does this mean for Fandor?
A: A couple things, first we want our customers and content partners to be happy and feel secure.Lastly, since HTTPS everywhere is a good idea, search engines like Google and Bing using HTTPS everywhere as a marker of the quality of a site. Things like this can improve search results, so Fandor using this makes it more likely that you’ll find a delightful movie on Fandor when you are searching.

The Criterion Collection Comes to Fandor

The Criterion Collection on Fandor

We’re thrilled to offer our Fandorians another way to access the great films of the world: Criterion Picks! These carefully curated bursts of cinematic greatness will only be available for twelve days each, so don’t hesitate! The first, Expeditions, is available right now. 

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Watch. Act. Make an Impact.

Make an Impact

At Fandor, we believe in the power of film to change lives: Ours and others’. Learn more about Fandor’s Spotlight on Social Impact and how to get involved with the causes that inspire you!

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