Watch. Act. Make an Impact.

Make an Impact

At Fandor, we believe in the power of film to change lives: Ours and others’. Learn more about Fandor’s Spotlight on Social Impact and how to get involved with the causes that inspire you!


DIVE directed by Jeremy Seifert

DIVE (2010)

In Dive, directed by Jeremy Seifert, a group of friends go into the dumpsters of Los Angeles to expose the huge quantities of food going to waste in dumpsters across America. If you want to join the fight to end food waste in a country with more than enough to go around, join the EAT TRASH Campaign to End Food Waste!

Elemental directed by  Gayatri Roshan and Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee


There are three different, galvanizing stories followed through Elemental, of three different individuals connected by a deep sense of responsibility to the Earth. Do any of these eco-warriors catalyze you to take action? There are several ways to follow their lead and make a difference, from acting in solidarity against ecologically harmful policies to learning new ways to engineer powerful change.

WHO IS DAYANI CRISTAL? directed by  Marc Silver


Who is Dayani Cristal? humanizes the complex and frought issues of immigration and border safety, and also provides many opportunities to get involved in the movement to end avoidable death and support migrants’ rights. Find out more about these initiatives and how to make your voice heard.

There are many other films in the Spotlight to empower and engage, so watch on, and learn where to take the fight for a better world!

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