The Criterion Collection Comes to Fandor

The Criterion Collection on Fandor

We’re thrilled to offer our Fandorians another way to access the great films of the world: Criterion Picks! These carefully curated bursts of cinematic greatness will only be available for twelve days each, so don’t hesitate! The first, Expeditions, is available right now. 

“It feels great to give our audience what they really want, the best auteurs and the best movies from the best partners.” Fandor CEO Ted Hope couldn’t have put it better: The Criterion Collection, long the touchstone for cinephiles looking to expand their horizons and enjoy films at their best quality, has come to Fandor! We are thrilled to be working with Criterion and Hulu to bring even more amazing content to our community of film lovers.

Each week, a new Criterion Picks will enter the Fandor library for twelve days of commercial-free streaming. Those familiar with Fandor’s vast and varied curatorial and organizational tools will be unsurprised to find that each Picks has a specific and dynamic thematic through-line, with enough diversity to offer a movie for everyone’s tastes. In the first Picks, Expeditions, courageous cinematography meets profound human struggle in a collection that takes us through sand, ice, jungles, mountains, and other unforgiving terrains in search of transformation and glory.

A quick look at highlights from the collection shows how seamlessly these titles will fit into the Fandor library. Truly, adding these Criterion selections will give Fandor members even more to love!

THE GOLD RUSH dir Charles Chaplin

In this gorgeous restoration of the original release from 1925, The Little Tramp seeks his fortune in the gold-laden hills of the Klondike. Featuring the iconic dinner roll dance (as well as many other moments now famous in the lexicon of American cinema), The Gold Rush will thrill both the die-hard Chaplin lovers that have already exhausted our extensive selection of his films, as well as more casual fans of his brilliantly crafted humor.

In Henri-Georges Clouzot’s journey borne of desperation, four men perilously ferry a truck of explosives across a treacherous mountain pass. This tightly-wound thriller will have you gasping at every bump in the road! Fans of French cinema and searing (and at times almost unbearable) suspense can rejoice at the brilliant tour-de-force that is The Wages of Fear.

Here at Fandor, it’s no secret that we love all things Werner Herzog, and thus we are thrilled to be featuring the Criterion edition of Burden of Dreams. In this astounding documentary, Les Blank follows the iconoclastic auteur and his volatile muse Klaus Kinski to the Amazon on his quest to make Fitzcarraldo, a film that tested the limits of Herzog’s mad charisma and determination.

The Expeditions edition of the Criterion Picks is full of other filmic gems, like Letter Never Sent, from the acclaimed director of The Cranes are Flying, as well as Woman in the Dunes and the controversial Sanders of the Riverwhich features the British debut of Paul Robeson. Watch the collection before it disappears, and stay tuned for our next Criterion Picks: Island Life, sure to beat the cold doldrums away!

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