Dig In to Food on Film!

Fandor Spotlight on Food, Glorious Food

Season’s “eatings” from Fandor! Our Spotlight on Food, Glorious Food is stuffed with mouth-watering movie morsels that will tantalize your culinary imagination. Watch, drool, and pass the gourmet popcorn!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we are offering up documentaries that follow top chefs as they work their kitchen magic, surveys of the world’s cuisines and food movements and earnest offerings that remind us how food and family intertwine. Our newest Spotlight will satisfy your cinematic appetites as it whets your actual ones, so be warned—you won’t want to watch these films while hungry!

STEP UP TO THE PLATE dir Paul Lacoste

Step Up To the Plate features father-and-son team Michel and Sébastien as they meticulously and passionately prepare gorgeous and delicious dishes at the renowned Bras restaurant in the Aubrac region of Southern France. Délicieux!

TODAY'S SPECIAL dir David Kaplan

The Daily Show
‘s Aasif Mandvi and legendary Indian cookbook author Madhur Jaffrey lend heart and warmth to Today’s Specialwhich also features plenty of scrumptious Tandoori fare.


Arguably the world’s most famous restaurant, representing the pinnacle of innovation, quality and presentation, elBulli was the brainchild of celebrity chef Ferran Adria. Now that the restaurant has closed, El Bulli: Cooking in Progress exists as a monument to Adria and his exquisite vision.


Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven
may be the closest thing to actually getting a table at the titular restaurant, long an institution of fine dining in the cutthroat culinary scene of New York City. The larger-than-life Maccioni family adds spice to this chronicle of a legendary restauranteur.

THREE STARS dir Lutz Hachmeister

For a succulent survey of the philosophies and methodologies of fine cuisine, look no further than Three Stars, which focuses on no less than ten Michelin 3 Star chefs as they do what they do best (and make us very hungry in the process).

Ready for another helping of food on film? Be sure to browse the rest of Fandor’s Spotlight on Food, Glorious Food, and head into the holidays ready to eat, drink and be merry!



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