New FIX Fare Awaits!

The Fandor FIX initiative

Our latest FIX filmmakers have fully realized vision and sharp instincts in generous supply. Check out their acclaimed works and learn more about their unique film grammar!

This is a particularly exciting crop of featured FIX filmmakers, who have been lauded by critics and the festival circuit alike. Many of their recent works just became available for streaming, some with day-and-date premieres on Fandor. These films are as emotionally intelligent as they are stylish and we are thrilled to bring them to you! Read on to discover more about this latest showcase of emerging talent:

Laura Colella


Laura Colella’s enchanting and kindhearted films brim with a quotidien magic born of possibility and empathy. Ceramic garden statues, urban creeks and backyard swings crackle with transformative possibility brought to life by satisfyingly rich characters. All of Collela’s films, including her most recent feature Breakfast with Curtis, are now available for streaming on Fandor.

Josephine Decker

Butter on the Latch by Josephine Decker


Indiewire calls Decker’s Butter on the Latch “the unholy marriage of Ingmar Bergman and David Lynch”, and her brand new, award-winning Thou Wast Mild and Lovely likewise seethes with a lyrical, erotic charge. Both are now available for your viewing pleasure. Josephine Decker’s unconventional yet powerful style makes this former performance artist an emerging talent to watch closely.

Bryan Poyser


From amateur pornography to the whimsically bizarre art of “air sex”, Bryan Poyser’s films often tangle with human sexuality—human in that it is idiosyncratic, flawed and often awkwardly humorous—and the clumsy desire for emotional intimacy. Poyser is a two-time Independent Spirit Award nominee who contributes to Texas’ vibrant filmmaker community and delivers clever and compassionate humor to balance out the essential cringeworthy-ness of much of his work. His coming-of-age feature Dear Pillowas well as three short films, are all available for streaming.

Jonathan Romney

L'Assenza by Jonathan Romney


Romney’s years as a respected film critic and writer certainly bear out in Fandor’s recent Featured Release L’Assenza, which is heavily meta and no less enjoyable for it. It’s a twenty-minute film-within-a-film rendered with plenty of clever elegance. Perfect for a lunch break film viewing or a Happy Hour treat!

Nathan Silver 

SOFT IN THE HEAD by Nathan Silver


Soft in the Head, Nathan Silver’s chronicle of the journeys of a Millennial harbinger of urban chaos, has now joined his dysfunctional family dramedy Exit Elena on Fandor. Both films showcase strongly-written and complicated female characters in tense moments on the cusp of transformation. For more on Silver and his process,check out his in-depth interview on the always inspiring Filmwax Radio.

And stay tuned! A new FIX full of great movie picks is out soon!

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