Avant-Garde Artistry Abounds in Our Latest FIX Launch!

The Fandor FIX initiative

Get a brand new FIX full of filmmakers with heavy experimental leanings and amazing talent. 

Fans of Fandor’s Spotlight on the Avant-garde and our other experimental offerings will be instantly familiar with some of the names in this latest list of featured FIX filmmakers. Between them, these five have dozens of shorts and a sprinkling of features between them, from lovely, lovingly made animations to documentaries, appropriation, and everything in between:

Ben Russell

A SPELL TO WARD OFF THE DARKNESS dir Ben Rivers and Ben Russell


A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness follows an unnamed protagonist, played by Lichens, through spellbinding vignettes in pursuit of the utopian moment. Russell, a “psychedelic ethnographer” has many previous works (including Let Each One Go Where He Maynow available for streaming. Russell’s collaborator Ben Rivers also has highly regarded previous works on Fandor, some just premiering today.

Jennifer Reeves

THE GIRL'S NERVY dir Jennifer Reeves


“How does she get the paint to crack like that?”, Stan Brakhage famously asked of Jennifer Reeves‘ spirited handmade film The Girl’s Nervy. Fandor has three additional shorts by Reeves, like 2011 film Trains Are for Dreaming, which “condenses eight years of Super 8 film into a seven minute celebration” and was an Official Selection of the 2011 Images Festival.

Sophie Michael 

99 CLERKENWELL ROAD dir Sophie Michael


Eva Rothschild of Frieze characterizes Michael as having “an acute awareness of the nostalgia we attach to both formats and objects”. Equal parts mystical, celestial and pop, 99 Clerkenwell Road is a must-see short from a strong emerging voice.

Michael Robinson

THESE HAMMERS DON'T HURT US dir Michael Robinson


Some might remember Michael Robinson from the 2012 Whitney Biennial, but this found footage manipulator has been warping our sense of nostalgia for over a decade. Reach back to feel the ecstasy and terror as Robinson re-animates recently forgotten structures and nostalgic characters, like in These Hammers Don’t Hurt Us and many more.

Stephanie Barber

DOGS dir Stephanie Barber


Stephanie Barber is a published author and poet, and unsurprisingly her films are highly language-driven. They are also playful and emotional, like her minimalist puppet show Dogs and many others available now on Fandor. Barber appeared on one of Miranda July’s early video mixtape/chain-letters, and is currently an artist in residence at the MICA in Baltimore, MD.

There’s plenty to love in this week’s release, especially if you like filmmakers who tinker with the blueprints of the medium! And be sure to watch for the next FIX launch, out soon!

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