Sound Visions: Movies that Move to the Beat of Life

Fandor's Spotlight on Sound Visions


Fandor’s latest Spotlight is brimming with films you can clap and tap to.

From driving beats to complex arrangements, music is all about motion and emotion. This Spotlight on Sound Visions has no rock docs or biopics, but instead brims with rhythmic expression across history and geography. Here’s a selection of just four of the eighteen amazing films to be found in this collection:

Made during MGM’s golden era of studio stars, Royal Wedding is truly a classic. Fred Astaire shines in this Stanley Donen– directed spectacle. Based on Astaire’s real-life relationship with sister Adele, this feel-good and family-friendly film is chock full of amazing numbers like this sequence, a now-iconic showcase of early technical and creative mastery.

You’ve never seen a musical quite like this before: Yard Work is Hard Work, a whimsical and handmade musing on the survival of love in the face of domestic stressors, is an early offering from experimental favorite Jodie Mack. While Mack has been a fixture this year on the festival circuit for her current experiments with light and lasers, this early offering is no less as offbeat or enchanting, with a songbook of catchy and clever rhymes to boot.

The A.V. Club calls the last scene of A Spell to Ward off the Darkness, which is also this week’s Fandor Featured Release, “a seance set to power chords”, and metal music nerds will recognize many of the performers featured (including the film’s protagonist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, also known as Lichens). Neophytes need not fear, however—far from alienating, the gorgeous scenes of musical catharsis are hypnotic interludes that serve the film’s questing for utopian moments.

Before rock stars and pop stars, there were the great composers, whose lives were no less complicated and no less fodder for their artistic output. For a fresh and unusual take on the life of one of these greats, look no further than Mozart in Love, directed by Mark Rappaport. Rappaport’s strange and beautiful film tells the story of Wolfgang Amadeus (and his complicated love life) with his compositions, which are lip-synced and sung by actors mixing modern and anachronistic dress in a spare, minimalist and powerful mise-en-scène. Head on over to Keyframe for more on this unusual operatic work!

From jazz to punk, love to hate, and everything in between, there’s a movie for everyone to love in the Spotlight on Sound Visions. Explore the collection, and get ready to dance in your seats!

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