Give the Holiday Doldrums a TKO with Fandor’s Latest Spotlight!

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The halls won’t be the only thing getting decked this holiday season! Here at Fandor, we’ve got all the rough-and-tumble fun you need to beat (up) the winter blahs with our Spotlight on Seasons Beatings

Fandor's Spotlight on Season's Beatings

Between airport insanity, shopping mall madness, family fracases and just plain old year-end stress, it’s sometimes hard to remember why this is the most wonderful time of the year. But fear not! Fandor’s newest Spotlight on Season’s Beatings is a real kick in the teeth, and stomach, and groin and well, you get the idea. Check out some of the highlights from this collection, and get ready to send your Bah Humbug to meet its maker! But be warned: most of these films are not family-friendly fare, unless your family are fans of beatdowns, bruises, blood and guts.

Battling Butler


Buster Keaton’s most commercially successful feature, a classic case of mistaken identity, is proof that you don’t need bells and whistles or buckets of blood to to have a rockin’, sockin’ good time. When a shrinking violet is mistaken for a boxing champion, will the meek inherit the earth or will Buster get the beatdown of his life? There’s only one way to find out. Give this charming silent film a whirl and get your fill of pugilistic pleasure! Unlike many of the films in this Spotlight, it’s a classic that everyone in your clan can enjoy.

Karate Girl


This is a superhero-like story of a secret karate master living life as a normal teenager. When her past catches up with her, it’s time to reclaim her power and restore the honor and unity of her family. This movie is a must for anyone who loves butt-kicking girl-power! Beautifully executed fight sequences serve up action galore, wrapped around a core of genuine values. You’ll be cheering as Ayaka takes on all comers while still rocking her kilt and knee socks and staying true to the values passed down to her by her Karate master father.

OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies


If you like a little glamour and a lot of farce in your fight scenes, then you will love this stylish send-up of a spy thriller. In the grand tradition of The Pink Panther, Austin Powers and other films featuring bumbling-yet-endearing protagonists, Jean Dujardin as Herbert Bonisseur de la Bath is dashing, infuriating and seemingly always at the receiving end of a well-deserved punch. Watch him wreak well-meant havoc across Cairo and don’t feel guilty about the glee you feel at his various and sundry undoings! He has it coming.

Godzilla vs. Megalon


Everyone’s favorite reptilian destroyer is back for another round of epic madness! There’s nothing like a good monster movie to warm your heart in the depths of winter, and this installment of the famous Godzilla franchise features an undersea kingdom, a rocket-powered robot, an alien cyborg and no shortage of epically cheesy battle scenes. Sit back, relax, and let the rumbles of these weird and wonderful beasts cure your holiday blues! Just add popcorn.



Are you in such a holi-daze that only the most over-the-top bloodbath will snap you out of your funk? Boy, have we got you covered! Look no further than this ultra-violent romp through a prison complex in a future dystopia, choreographed by the one and only stuntman Phillip Kwok of Shaw Brothers Studio fame. How much blood was used in the making of this movie? Let’s just say that star Fan Siu-wong’s skin was stained for three days after filming! If you’re a fan of what one Fandorian reviewer lovingly calls “crunk-fu”, then you won’t want to miss out on this exceedingly guilty pleasure.

And if these five films can’t slake your thirst for action and gore, check out the rest of the films in the Season’s Beatings Spotlight! You’re sure to find something that will knock the lights right out of the Season of Light. Happy holidays and happy watching, from all of us at team Fandor!

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