Our Newest FIXers Have One Important Thing in Common

The Fandor FIX initiative

Although their movies range from gritty and penetrating to dreamy and fantastical, this week’s FIX filmmakers represent an underrepresented group in the film ecosystem.

If you take a look at statistics within the film industry, a disproportionately small percentage of films are directed by women. However, female filmmakers comprise a noticeably higher portion of the film pool on Fandor, so it’s unsurprising that this week’s group of FIX filmmakers happen to be women. Coincidence? Yes. Noteworthy? Absolutely.

Debra Attoinese

Watch ON DIRECTING on Fandor


For an amazing investigation of some of the most significant auteurs of independent film, you won’t want to miss On Directing. Attoinese’s gorgeous meditation on the craft of filmmaking, with heavyweights like Agnes Varda and Wim Wenders as subjects, is sure to illuminate and inspire all manner of film buffs.

Kat Candler

Watch BLACK METAL on Fandor


If you’ve got fifteen minutes to spare, there aren’t many better uses for them than watching the short films of Kat Candler on Fandor! Candler, who is part of the excellent community of Austin, Texas-based filmmakers, deals with masculinity and violence in surprising and empathetic ways, like in the nine-minute Black Metal. For more on Candler’s process in her own words, check out her interview on Keyframe.

Mich Medvedoff

Watch THE WIFE MASTER on Fandor


Filmmaker (and air hockey champion) Mich Medvedoff creates works that have roots in reality but wings that carry them into the realm of fantastical possibility, so it’s no surprise that she cites Dutch artist M.C. Escher as a major influence on her methodology! Her feature The Wife Master is an excellent example of this intricate and ultimately dizzying structure, the story of a gay misogynist who uses straight marriage as a money-making scheme.

Susanne Ullerich

Watch THE ARTISTS on Fandor


What is work? Am I satisfied? What is Art? Ullerich’s own self-questioning led her to create The Artists, a documentary about art and commerce that is pretty much required viewing for artists and those that love them (and worry about their ability to “make it”). Watch a range of art-makers participate in a forum on labor and creativity, and learn from their examples, both good and bad alike.

Pamela Yates

Watch GRANITO on Fandor


A Guggenheim fellow and human rights activist, Yates’ work exposing the atrocities of a brutal regime has had real and significant impact on the landscape of Latin American politics, and she shows no sign of slowing down. Granito: How to Nail a Dictator, her most recent film, shows how she has been instrumental in the conviction of Guatemalan dictator Ríos Montt for genocide. Three more of her galvanizing documentaries just became available on Fandor today.

Give these incredible directors a chance to rock your world, and stay tuned for the first FIX of the new year!

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