Fandor FIX Initiative

We celebrate currently ongoing festivals with a FIX list of filmmakers who will screen and have screened at Sundance, Rotterdam and Gothenburg.

The 2015 film festival season is officially here! The Gothenburg International Film Festival begins today, and the Sundance Film Festival and International Film Festival Rotterdam are now underway. To celebrate and commemorate these three great fests, we have a FIX launch full of filmmakers with projects that are screening now or have screened in past years:

Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass

Watch SCRAPPLE on Fandor


From the festival circuit to cable (and network) TV, with some noted accomplishments in between, few filmmakers are as ubiquitous, generative and versatile and yet still so insistently true to their own voice. The Duplass brothers seem to always have their hands in many pies, including two producing projects at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and a producing/writing/directing project for HBO. Make it a #flashbackfriday and watch three early shorts by this unstoppable team, including Scrapple, which is directed by both Mark and Jay and foreshadows future brilliance, on Fandor.

Ani Simon-Kennedy

Watch DAYS OF GRAY on Fandor


Ani Simon-Kennedy‘s auspiciously self-assured and gorgeously crafted debut feature Days of Gray was at the Gothernburg International Film Festival last year, but came to Fandor on Thursday with a day-and-date release at Anthology Film Archives. A future dystopian coming-of-age tale filmed in the haunting landscape of Iceland, without dialogue but scored by Icelandic band Hjaltalín, this film began as a music video and evolved into a profound meditation on hope, love, memory and maturity. For more on this enchanting first feature, check out Steven Jenkins’ article on Keyframe.

Sietske Tjallingii

Watch BOWLED OVER on Fandor


The International Film Festival Rotterdam emphasizes “new artistic currents” with various tinges of the Avant-garde, and Dutch artist Sietske Tjallingii, with her dual backgrounds in performance art and experimental film, has had multiple films in past years of the fest. In 2008, for example, she screened her “live stop-motion” short Bowled Over, which is part absurdist theater and part homage to a Coen Brothers cult classic. From scathing political satire to playful animation, there’s something in Tjallingii’s oeuvre for everyone, and six of her shorts are available on Fandor.

Sasha Waters Freyer



A combination of super 8mm found footage and the archives of P.S. 75’s 1979 production of Uncle Vanya (on Broadway, no less) makes Chekhov for Children an undisputedly essential document of public education in New York City. It screened at Rotterdam in 2011, and filmmaker Sasha Waters Freyer has shown all over the world as well as been written up in some of the world’s most respected publications. We have seven shorts and two feature length films by Freyer now available on Fandor, all of which mix personal and public discourse to create fascinating, intersectional accounts.

Get into the festival spirit with these well-regarded directors, and stay tuned for the next exciting installment of featured FIX filmmakers!

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