Addicted to trailers? We can help.


“You know what, I love trailers.”
“Hey, me too! Did you know that Fandor just made it easier for members to watch trailers.”

We just made it easier for you to watch trailers and scenes of movies that are on Fandor. We heard feedback from many members who¬†wanted to watch a trailer or see a preview when deciding to watch a movie. We did have this capability but it wasn’t easy to find.



We’ve made toggling between trailers and full movies much easier. On the film page there is a “Watch Trailer/Scene” button to the left of the film. Clicking this will start the trailer.



When the trailer is playing, the button changes to “Watch Full Film”. You can click this if you are so impressed by the trailer or scene that you want to see the whole film.
When the trailer is finished playing the film player will automatically load the full film and you can start watching right away.



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