A FIX Feature with Berlin Flavor

The Fandor FIX initiative

Couldn’t make it to Germany for the Berlinale? Fear not! Fandor’s latest FIX filmmakers feature can give you a little something to make up for it.

Festival season is indeed in full swing! The 65th Berlin International Film Festival, or Berlinale, ends on Saturday, but on Fandor, films from years of the festival past are always playing. In honor of this risk-taking and artist-assisting event, our latest batch of featured FIX filmmakers are all past participants:

Anna Frances Ewert

Watch INTO THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE dir Anna Frances Ewert on Fandor


Ewert is an alumna of the 2010 Berlinale Talents, a highly respected summit that combines master classes with workshops and labs to help hone the work of promising independent filmmakers. Her short film Into the Middle of Nowhere is a fifteen-minute exploration of the wonders of childhood. In an outdoor “nursery”, a group of youngsters are given free reign of imagination, and the result may well be the humanist’s answer to Lord of the Flies: gentle, re-affirming, magical and optimistic. Watch it now on Fandor, and be transported back to an age where anything seemed possible!

Lynn Hershman Leeson

Watch !WOMEN ART REVOLITION dir Lynn Hershman Leeson on Fandor


When it comes to making cutting-edge multimedia art that explores the relationship of humans to technology with a smart feminist edge, Leeson has led the charge for decades. In addition to her many interactive and gallery-based works, she has created numerous films that address the complexities of our evolving cyborg subjectivity and political topics like erasure, surveillance and freedom of expression. Leeson’s most recent documentary, an opus made from forty years worth of interviews and the most comprehensive survey and analysis on the feminist art movement that exists in film form to date, is nothing short of breathtaking. !Women Art Revolution was an official selection of the Berlinale and is an essential document of an art historical movement often shrouded in misinformation and misunderstanding. Watch it now on Fandor, along with no less than eight of Leeson’s other films.

David Lowery

Watch PIONEER dir David Lowery on Fandor


A Texas filmmaker whose latest feature Ain’t Them Bodies Saints has had stellar reception on the festival circuit, Lowery is also an alumni of the Berlinale Talents summit. In addition to his award-winning work as a director, he has also edited for fellow independent darlings Amy Seimetz and Shane Carruth, as well as written with Yen Tan. His breakthrough first feature St. Nick, as well as shorts including Pioneer (a sweeping and deeply satisfying “bedtime story” starring none other than musician Bonnie “Prince” Billy), are available for your viewing pleasure on Fandor.

David and Nathan Zellner

Watch FLOTSAM/JETSAM dir David and Nathan Zellner on Fandor


In the grand tradition of sibling filmmakers, the Zellners are collaborators who share idiosyncrasies to create beautiful, moving and weird movies as a pair. Also hailing from Texas, they are the delightfully twisted minds behind films that simply see reality in a different way. They have gotten some great coverage recently for their newer features Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter and Kid-Thing (which was a selection at the Berlinale), they have made tons of shorts perfect for a quick dip into their demented “casual surrealism” or a binge on their peculiar ouevre. Flotsam/Jetsam, a waterlogged nail-biter that was their first short to hit the festival circuit, is a great place to start (and we’ve got lots more)!

The diversity and excellence of these featured FIX filmmakers is a testament to the depth and breadth of a festival like the Berlinale, and evidence of how pro-filmmaker initiatives are so vital to the growth of the independent film industry. Enjoy these films, and stay tuned! There’s a new crop of featured filmmakers just around the corner.

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