Biggie and Tupac, Kurt and Courtney and Beyond: Nick Broomfield Comes to Fandor!

Watch KURT AND COURTNEY dir Nick Broomfield on Fandor


Now on Fandor: No less than five of legendary director Nick Broomfield‘s penetrating, courageous films (including KURT AND COURTNEY, just in time to celebrate the enduring icon’s birthday)!   Nick Broomfield is known for his confrontational style of investigative documentary — he often appears in his films, boom mic in hand, asking tough questions (and sometimes getting turned out on his ear). His relentless pursuit of truth and unflinching exploration of the mysterious and dark sides of humanity has led him to create some of the most definitive docs on some of the most recognizable and enthralling subjects in popular culture: The infamous East Coast/West Coast hip-hop feud of the 1990s claimed the lives of two of rap’s most talented and controversial stars — or did it? Follow Broomfield through the streets of New York and Los Angeles, risking his life as he tries to uncover who really killed Biggie and Tupac. When Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam went down, she very nearly took all of Tinseltown with her. Broomfield explores the rise and fall of the infamous criminal and the shockwaves that her arrest sent through the entertainment industry. This film is intended for mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. In a further examination of the sexual proclivities of the super-rich (this time, on the East Coast), Fetishes gives Broomfield unprecedented access to one of New York City’s most lavish and luxurious Sadomasochism parlors (long before a certain franchise that will not be named thrust the lifestyle into the mainstream). The Battle for Haditha is a rare narrative film in Broomfield’s oeuvre, but it employs a breathtakingly believable documentary style to reconstruct real events of the Iraq War. Says Leo Goldsmith of indieWIRE, the film is “a bold effort to grapple with what truth lies behind these images, rather than to simply throw one’s hands up in the face of them.” Today, Kurt Cobain would have been forty-eight years old, but in our minds, he is forever the grunge icon, young father and husband to controversial widow Courtney Love. How did his marriage change the course of his life? Kurt and Courtney explores the life and death of the Nirvana frontman: his demons, his loves and the circumstances of his still-disputed demise. Needless to say, we are thrilled to make these films available in our library! Queue some up and get ready for a thrilling ride.

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