Take a Short(s) Break with Our New FIX Launch!

The Fandor FIX initiative

Check out our new batch of FIXers with a multitude of short works now available on Fandor!

This week, we’re celebrating the short form, giving homes to new and classic films by FIX filmmakers that clock in at under thirty minutes each (and many of them much shorter). As you’ll see by the collection of great work we’ve published from these artists, sometimes less really is more:

Andrew T. Betzer

SANS SUPERVISION dir Andrew T. Betzer


Four of Betzer’s short films about the call of the wild life, the bonds of family and the poetics of place are now available on Fandor, including Sans SupervisionThis is the story of a child who actually may be the only “grown-up” in her family, since her parents seem to keep abandoning her in their pursuits of mutual pleasure. It’s clear to see how this and the rest of Betzer’s shorter-form works inspired his debut feature, Young Bodies Heal Quicklywhich had a fantastic run on the festival circuit and is now available for streaming in our library (which is currently the only place to find it, other than Vimeo and Anthology Film Archives).

Jonathan Nix

DRAW HARD dir Jonathan Nix


If you’re an indie comics fan, then you might know of John G., the enigmatic illustrator who calls Cleveland home. Nix, a fellow Cleveland-er, makes John G.’s story the subject of his documentary short Draw Hard, which is now available for streaming on Fandor. In this twenty-minute film, Nix interviews the artist himself, as well as his peers and colleagues, to uncover an incredible story of perseverance and the triumph of the creative spirit.

Tati Barrantes

TIEMPO AL TIEMPO dir Tati Barrantes


A bi-coastal director with many projects under her belt, Barrantes cites her multi-cultural background (born in Peru, raised in Los Angeles, now living in New York) as a primary inspiration and influence. Fandor now has three of Barrantes’ shorts in our library, including the multiple Jury Award-winning Tiempo al TiempoLook closely: You’ll see a familiar face! Arturo Castro, one of the leads in this 2010 short, now plays Jaime in the smash hit TV comedy Broad City.

Lewis Klahr

TWO HOURS TO ZERO dir Lewis Klahr


Klahr is the kind of avant-garde filmmaker whose work is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art: His handmade worlds are constructed from “found” and “appropriated” (which he insists are fancy words for stolen) imagery like long-lost comic books and thrift store photographs and up-end classic forms (like film noir). Klahr just had an exhibition of his works at the SF Cinematheque last week, and seven of his short films spanning fifteen years of his career (which began in 1977) are now available on Fandor. Two Hours to Zero includes music by Rhys Chatham of Guitar Trio fame.

Adriana Isabel Franco Posso

SALOME dir Adriana Franco Posso


This Colombian-born filmmaker currently resides in Spain, where she has a hand in many aspects of the film biz, from producing advertisements to writing and directing her own short films, two of which are now available on Fandor. Salome, from 2010, was an official selection of the Festival de Cannes’ Short Film Corner. Viewer discretion is advised, as it deals with adult themes with religious undertones, telling the story of John the Baptist’s torment while jailed and awaiting execution.

Enjoy these quick and gratifying offers from our latest featured FIX filmmakers, and stay tuned! We’ve got more exciting news and great films on the way.

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