Get Full Swing Into Fest Season with the Fandor | Festival Alliance!

The Fandor Festival Alliance

Our initiative to strengthen the breadth and reach of independent film festivals is still going strong, with tons of new fests on board and a great-looking landing page to help find them.  

Back in July, we announced our Fandor Festival Alliance initiative, introducing Fandorians to some of our first festival partners and our exciting plans to help them connect with audiences year-round. We love film, and so of course we love film festivals! It seemed like a natural step to partner with our favorite independent cinema showcases, helping build awareness and sustain fan bases while giving their programming a loving home in our library. And now, we have a lot more to celebrate!

In total, we have twenty-three film festivals (including, most recently, our first fest focused on female filmmaking, the Citizen Jane Film Festival) now participating in the Fandor Festival Alliance, with even more joining all the time. Here’s a look at some of our partners’ upcoming festivals, complete with choice picks from the program archives found on their festival pages:

The Miami International Film Festival on FandorThe Thirty-Second year of the Miami International Film Festival kicks off today! This ten-day fest focuses on global cinema, with a flair for highlighting Latin American films. We are proud to have no less than seventy-one of those films from past years now available for streaming! Eloisa López-Gómez, Associate Director of MIFF’s Industry & Programs, says of this new partnership:

We are delighted to be part of the Fandor Festival Alliance! It not only represents an additional national promotional support,  but it emphasizes our mission of supporting the films we program and we are thrilled to know that the films from our past and future editions will have a home beyond our ten-day event and that they will reach audiences across the nation.


From April 9 –12, the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival will activate Durham, North Carolina with tons of events centered around nonfiction cinema, from hard-hitting journalism to touching personal narrative and everything in between. Highlights from past years include Fandor FIX filmmaker Jay Rosenblatt’s Phantom Limb and award-winning war doc Iraq in Fragments, as well as fourteen additional offerings now in our library.


AIFF Name and Logo BW

Concurrently through April 13, Ashland, Oregon takes a break from being a destination for Shakespearean theatre and turns into a cinema celebration with the Ashland Independent Film Festival. For a taste of this particular fest’s flavor, which focuses on spirited and singular visions, check out FIXer Sam Green’s study of/love letter to Esperanto, The Universal Language, or Kelley Reichardt’s tear-jerker road film Wendy and Lucy. In total, we have fourteen films from Ashland’s IFF on Fandor.



April for the F|FA ends with IFFBoston, which runs from the 22 — 29. Though it has only been running for twelve years, a commitment to unfamiliar and fresh programming (in the form of accessible and entertaining independents) has quickly created a new favorite on the festival circuit. Having trouble choosing between the thirty-three films we have from past years? Rock docs Not a Photograph (covering the comeback of Mission of Burma) and Who Took the Bomp? (following riot grrrl dance party Le Tigre on tour) are a good way to get a feel for this New England festival’s fare.

We’ll have gorgeous new festival pages for Fandor Festival Alliance newcomers the Citizen Jane Film Festival (Columbia, MO) and the Local Sightings Film Festival (Seattle, WA) debuting on Fandor very soon, so don’t forget to keep checking the festival home page as festival season continues to unspool! There, you’ll also find updates on upcoming events and (of course) plenty of amazing movies.

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