Coming Attractions: Original Content from FIX Filmmakers!


Meet the five FIX filmmakers creating original shorts for Fandor, and learn how we are assisting them in every stage of development, from crowdfunding to distribution!

Today marks the launch of five Kickstarter campaigns by Fandor FIX filmmakers. While we have supported the crowdfunding campaigns of our FIXers in the past, today marks the start of something very different: FIXshorts! This initiative is a first-of-its-kind hybrid process geared towards FIX filmmakers and represents both our unique commitment to the ecology of film and our first foray into original content.

From over thirty submitted script-and-budget proposals, the Fandor team chose five diverse and dynamic short film projects to help develop from start (funding) to finish (distribution and promotion). This is a unique opportunity to build buzz and sustain an audience for these filmmakers, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be debuting brand new films (especially shorts, which often have trouble finding a home after the festival circuit) from each of them!

We’re committed to these movies getting made, so we’ve created a spectrum of offerings for our FIXshorts Five, including

  • Contributing fifty percent of their originating budget,
  • Providing reward benefits on their Kickstarter campaigns to raise the remaining funds, and promoting those campaigns through FIX pages and social channels,
  • Guaranteeing distribution on Fandor (in tandem with film festivals and with the filmmakers retaining exclusive rights) and
  • Assisting in each film’s outreach effort so that their work is as far-reaching and impactful as it is ambitious

Are you excited yet? Let’s take a look at these filmmakers and their projects:

Ben RussellBEN RUSSELL‘s experimental documentary

Russell is a practitioner of “psychedelic ethnography” who was named one of Cinescope’s “50 Best Filmmakers under 50” in 2012. Some of his previous films have appeared in Fandor’s Spotlight on the Avant-Garde and a recent FIX feature, and he was awarded the 2015 Canon Tiger Award at IFFR. You can read more about his compelling and immersive practice over on Keyframe!

He Who Eats Children remains true to Russell’s oeuvre: a speculative portrait of Menno Marenga, a Dutch hermit living in the Surinamese jungle fixing canoe motors and eating the locals’ children (or so the story goes).

MAYA ERDELYIMaya Erdelyi‘s hybrid animation/documentary

A 2012 graduate of CalArts’ Experimental Animation program, Erdelyi’s work has appeared in commercials and award-winning music videos, and she was recently featured on the Filmwax Radio podcast. Her handmade hybrid animations merge and bring to life memory, dream logic and fantasy, with a unique technique that employs everything from puppetry and stop motion to cut-paper and drawing.

Anyuka is a dedication to Erdelyi’s Hungarian grandmother that blends hand-drawn animation with Super-8mm home movies to plumb the depths of a personal history.

Lori Felker‘s narrative LORI FELKER

A maker, programmer, educator and collaborator par excellence, Lori Felker has long been a robust member of the Fandorian community. You can find her listing her Top Five Fandor Films and Playing Cinema on Keyframe, as well as giving us her Favorite Films of 2014 and taking part in her own FIX Feature. She is also an Illinois Arts Council Artists Grant recipient, a Wexner Center Artist in Residence and a Fulbright Fellow.

Tabitha and Stephen have been away from each other for so long they don’t know what they’ve been missing or what’s going on. Discontinuity represents a departure for Felker into a more straightforward narrative mode, in a story that focuses on a long-distance relationship…and cats. Lots of cats.

MAXIMON MONIHANMaximón Monihan‘s narrative

Maximón, who has two films that recently came to Fandor through FIX, enjoyed a former life as a professional skateboarder who came up on the streets of Seattle and toured internationally while simultaneously getting a Cultural Studies degree at U.C. Santa Cruz. He has been a prolific director and producer of skate films, music videos, web series, and film criticism with a worldly flavor.

In Sea to Shining Seahe takes us on a cross-country road trip from the West Coast to New York City with an old friend visiting America for the first time. It’s a buddy film that also examines the dimensions, evolution and limits of a cultural identity and imagination.

David Schendel‘s narrativeDAVID SCHENDEL

Artistry runs in David Schendel’s blood: his father Alfred was a successful painter/designer/photographer, and David has been making films since he was twelve. Since those illustrious beginnings, he has gone on to direct live theatre and subsequently award-winning documentary and narrative films that explore human ingenuity and innovation, with subjects ranging from classic cars in Cuba (you can read more about that on Keyframe) to writer David Mamet.

Dead Ink Archive was inspired after a night at the Oscars and is set in the year 1975. A janitor has a secret that he cannot share until he collects all the discarded scraps of paper from a movie theatre floor.

And there you have it: the first edition of FIXshorts! There’s a lot more to come, and we will be sure to keep you updated as the project unfolds. In the meantime, please re-post, tweet, and share to get the news out far and wide and help us see these crowdfunding campaigns off to a running start!

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