ICYMI: What a Week at Fandor!

New to Fandor!

A Few of our Newest Films

Hooray for the weekend! What a perfect time to catch up on all of the amazing stuff that happened here at Fandor this week. ICYMI — in case you missed it, we launched a new project on Thursday with a bang: FIXshorts!


This is big, people. We’re doubling down on our commitment to filmmakers, helping them realize projects from start to finish, all while making the leap into original content! Filmmaker Magazine has called this “a smart and necessary move”, and we have to agree. It also supports one of our favorite cinematic forms — short films — by giving them a home (often hard to find after the festival circuit).

So take a minute, if you haven’t yet, to meet the filmmakers, get to know their projects, contribute if they speak to you and please, please, please pass it on! This project has great potential for strengthening the film ecology, but the model relies on an engaged and active audience.

In other Fandor news, we released a new edition of Criterion Picks this week! This collection features eight shining examples of amazing directors writing for other amazing directors. It’s kind of a who’s who when it comes to film history and classic greatness. No big deal. Remember though, they’ll only be in our library for nine more days, so don’t sleep on this cinema!

If you’re looking for something to curl up with this weekend and just can’t decide from you queue, our Criterion Picks or the Featured Releases (or the embarrassment of riches has you plain overwhelmed), we can recommend a couple of movie gems that just hit the library this week! Why not give one of these flicks a whirl:

  • A dance film starring none other than Mikhail Baryshnikov (among other luminaries of performance and choreography) that clocks in at a cool half hour perfect for mealtime or before-bed watching,
  • This black comedy about a man and his midlife crisis that boasts a fantastic ensemble cast (including one Isabella Rosselini) and wit to spare,
  • Or an arresting documentary on the power of images that recounts the life of renowned photojournalist John G. Morris and how he brought us the world.

And stay tuned for more exciting releases, superbly curated collections and cool news coming up next week!

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