Weekend Roundup and News, ICYMI


Is it the weekend already? Time flies when you’re having fun, and here at Fandor, when films are your passion, it’s always fun. ICYMI, here’s a recap of our big stories and a little love for the great stuff that may have escaped your notice:

  • One of our Fandor FIXshorts projects has already been funded, and the others are well on their way! A huge thank you to everyone who contributed and signal-boosted to help these filmmakers reach their goals. There’s still three weeks to go, so please, keep sharing!
  • We continued our celebration of Women’s History Month with a Spotlight on films that feature relationships between women. But this isn’t your basic Bechdel-passing stuff, this is above and beyond: complex, rich and sometimes fraught chemistry, but always powerful and compelling cinema. Here’s a taste of what awaits in that collection:

  • We also released a Criterion Picks all about the sixteenth century and the upheaval, the intrigue and the human toll of war and conflict that defined that era. Speaking of Criterion, did you know that we also release awesome “extras” with some of the films, like interviews and behind-the-scenes documentaries?  You can find these juicy tidbits on our recently added films page. Indulge your inner movie nerd and impress your friends with your deep knowledge!

Criterion Extras

  • A fabulous, fresh batch of films came into our library courtesy of the Global Film Initiative, illuminating stories from Bosnia, Mozambique, China, Iran and more. This is true global cinema: sowing empathy as a function of storytelling. By turns humorous and emotionally wrenching, each will take you on a unique and unforgettable journey.

There you have it: some great weekend watching and food for the queue! Have a great weekend, and we’ll have more amazing movies and news to share with you next week.

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