Have You Queued This Film Yet?

Gangs of Wasseypur


Andrew O’Hehir over at Salon recently (and glowingly) reviewed this epic Indian crime drama, which is now playing in its full 314 minutes of glory onscreen at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and online at Fandor, where it is streaming exclusively for the next three weeks. He has a lot of great things to say about the scope and energy of the film, drawing comparisons to the offerings of Quentin Tarantino and Sergio Leone and praising the cross-over appeal and East-West blending of cultural sources, but what stood out to us is this amazingly insightful observation about the life of this kind of cinema:

Creating a moment for a would-be cult movie isn’t as straightforward as it used to be, especially a movie as gleefully devoted to violating norms and conventions as this one. The total audience for “Gangs of Wasseypur” is no doubt divided between genre enthusiasts who saw it months or years ago – it’s been floating around the Internet, and available on foreign DVD, since shortly after its Cannes premiere in 2012 – and ordinary civilians who’ve never heard of it. Whichever camp you fall into, the fact that something this unusual and distinctive is getting a glimpse in American theaters represents a breakthrough.

This, right here, is why we are so thrilled to do what we do: give brilliant but somewhat obscure films like Gangs of Wasseypur the home and audience they so deeply deserve! So add this Featured Release to your must-watch list and get ready for one heck of a ride.


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