Elisabeth Moss, Christopher Walken and More: ICYMI

ICYMI4It’s no secret that we here at Fandor love connecting audiences to the media they love by leveraging the agility of digital distribution and the subscription-based model.  This week, we really made good on that passion, releasing a crop of amazing, risk-taking films with unique structural twists (52 Tuesdays) unusual premises (Suitcase of Love and Shame) and epic scope (Gangs of Wasseypur)!

We also debuted our latest Criterion Picks, which is all about killing in cold blood. From hard-boiled hit men to super-scary serial killers, this collection is full of very deadly anti-heroes. Make sure to check it out before the films leave Fandor forever!

And ICYMI,  we also released some films this week that may as yet be unfamiliar to our members, but are full of faces you’re sure to recognize, including The Attic, a 2007 psychological thriller starring none other than Elisabeth Moss (of Mad Men and Top of the Lake) and featuring Thomas Jay Ryan (of Henry Fool and many, many others) and The Mind Snatchers, a Clockwork Orange-esque thriller about military mind-control experiments. Their guinea pig? None other than a young Christopher Walken! According to Michael Adams of Movieline, “if you’re a Walken fan, you’ll want to see this…he hits the screen close to fully formed in a movie with strange hints of the roles to come.”

Be sure to check out our recently added films page for even more new cinema to fall in love with (including some delicious-looking cult offerings from the 1960s and a few smart, independent foreign films from China, Chile, Israel, etc.) and don’t worry: There’s always more to come! Have a great weekend, and happy watching!

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